How to force feed a dog who won’t eat?

In this article, we will entertain the most important question, “How to force feed a dog who won’t eat? We will also answer some other queries like what are the ways by which you can force feed a dog, and what are the reasons for dogs not eating food.

How to force feed a dog who won’t eat?

Following are the methods by which you can force feed a dog who won’t eat:

  • Changing the food
  • Heating the food
  • Broth
  • Dog treat
  • Hand feeding

Change the food

If your dog is not eating a particular brand of food, you should try changing the brand. You should buy a sample pouch of dog food from another brand and give it to your dog. If your dog eats it, then now is the time to introduce a new brand to your dog.

Dog treat

Sometimes, the dog feels bored because you are giving him the same food every day. You should try adding dog treats to it. In this way, it will feel fascinating to your dog. Dogs love to eat dog treats and they will finally build interest in the food again.


You can add broth to the dog food you are offering to your dog. The broth will not only improve the taste and the palatability but also give extra flavor to the dog food. This extra flavor will attract the dog and he will eat it.

Heating the food

If you heat the food of your dog, it will improve the digestion of your dog and will create a sweet smell by which you can attract the dog to eat the dog food. 

Hand feeding

Hand feeding is a good idea if your dog is not feeling well. If the dog is lethargic and weak, he will not be able to eat his food. It is best to provide food by hand, it will also increase love and will create a strong bond between you and your beloved furry friend.

What are the major reasons for dogs not eating food?

Following are the major reasons of dogs not eat food:


Sometimes dogs develop abnormal behaviors and in this way, they do not eat food. Some dogs are fed by hand and while some like to eat alone. If you have recently brought home your new family member you should try different ways to feed your dog.

Some dogs are picky eaters. They love one thing but do not eat other things. You should also consider it.

Health problems

Dogs face many health issues. The first clinical sign of any health problem in humans and animals is loss of appetite. If you are giving him his favorite food and he refuses to eat it then he must be sick.

You should take your dog to the vet so that the vet can tell you the reasons why your dog is not eating his favorite food.

Food problems

Some problems are related to food. Your dog will not eat if you have changed his favorite food. Some dogs are allergic to certain ingredients, if the food has those ingredients, they won’t eat the food. Your dog will also not eat if the food is too cold, hot, and salty.

You should check the quality of the food before giving it to your dog. 

Changes in the surroundings

One of the reasons why your dog is not eating is changes in the surroundings. If your dog is missing you, or the other dogs in the house, it is very natural he will not eat. If you have changed the feeding area or the house, he might not eat in the new house.

How to syringe feed a dog?

You can also syringe feed your dog. It is the easiest, cheapest, and most humane way of feeding your dog. You are probably thinking about the needle, but there are syringes that you can use without a needle that won’t scare your dog.

The only drawback of using a syringe is it will take time to feed your dog so you should be ready to face this challenge. It also contains only a limited amount of fluid feed, so you have to do some work and fill it again and again.


In this blog, we entertain our important question, “How to force feed a dog who won’t eat? We also answered some other important questions like what are the ways by which you can force feed a dog, and what are the reasons for dogs not eating food.


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