How to fix the f2 code on a GE stove?

In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question “How to fix the f2 code on a GE stove?” and the information on GE stove temperature basics.

How to fix the f2 code on a GE stove?

To resolve an F2 error code, turn off the circuit breaker that is connected to your G.E stove. Allow the stove to restart for 30 seconds before using it again. G.E stoves can experience issues that can be resolved by performing a reset. If this does not work, you may need to seek the assistance of a professional.

When not in use, turn off the range or wall oven if you need to wait for professional assistance to arrive.

You can even contact the G.E answer center by dialing the local number and providing the model number of the stove as well as the specifics of the problem to the customer service representative.

What is the F2 or F20 code for the stove?

The F2 error code indicates that the maximum temperature threshold of the stove oven has been exceeded for reasons that are now unclear. The F2 error number indicates that the temperature of the locked-up oven has climbed above 590 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius). If the relay on the oven control board is jammed, this may be the source of the difficulty.

It is possible that overheating occurred, or that the oven temperature sensor was faulty if the F2 error code appears when baking is displayed. A faulted sensor or a malfunctioning door lock will produce the F2 code when cleaning, and the problem must be repaired immediately.

What are the fundamentals of the GE Oven Temperature Sensor?

The temperature sensor is made of a thermistor, which is a metal rod having a resistance that changes with temperature. Incoming electricity is translated into a temperature reading using a meter located on the control panel, which is connected to two leads.

During the Bake cycle, the F2 code will be activated if the temperature rises above 615 degrees Fahrenheit to 630 degrees Fahrenheit. You should receive an F2 error number if the temperature in your self-cleaning oven increases above 915°F to 930°F during the Clean cycle while the oven is on. If you want to make use of the oven again, you’ll have to figure out what’s wrong with it first.

On rare occasions, you may be able to restart the controls by unplugging the stove’s power cord. However, this may only work for a brief time, indicating that either the sensor or the control panel is faulty. First, perform a fast test and replacement of the sensor on the control panel before becoming concerned.

Are you looking to check the temperature sensor on a GE oven?

You can use an ohmmeter to examine the temperature sensor on an oven in the same way you would for a continuity test. Given that you can never obtain a reading of 0 ohms, the results are not entirely comparable. As an alternative, you’re checking to see if the actual resistance falls within the device’s functioning range. The sensor should be disconnected from its socket in the oven’s interior before doing the test.

To obtain this outcome, a 2K or 4K ohmmeter or an auto-ranging meter can simply be set to read ohms instead of milliamps. Plugging the leads into the sensor’s connectors will allow you to observe the sensor’s readings. In most cases, a sensor’s reading should be in the range of 1,080 to 1,090, but a number greater than that indicates that the sensor is faulty. It should be replaced with a new one.

Doesn’t the Control Panel need to be checked and possibly replaced?

If the temperature sensor is functioning properly, a faulty solder connection on the control board may be responsible for the F2 error code being shown. It is necessary to replace the complete system, not just individual components, to resolve the issue.

The display is included in the control panel. Remove the display housing from the display to obtain access to the display panel. Even if the screws are positioned above the oven or the burners, they are easily accessible; nevertheless, you may need to consult your owner’s manual to see where they are located. Ensure that the stove is unplugged or that the breaker has been turned off before proceeding with this method.

To remove the panel, loosen it with a screwdriver and separate the quick-connect electrical fittings on either side of it. One week or less is all it takes for an internet parts source to deliver a new one to your door. The stove will come back to life after the control panel is replaced and the stove is reassembled.


In this short article, we provided an answer to the question “How to fix the f2 code on a GE stove?” and the information on GE stove temperature basics.


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