How to eat soft shell crab?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question, “how to eat soft shell crab?”, and other queries related to this topic.

How to eat soft shell crab? 

You can eat the whole soft shell crab including the body, the shell, and the claws. The shell of this type of crab is soft and can be consumed and the meat inside of it is so tasty, juicy, and sweet. Generally, when growing the crab tends to remove their old hard shell and replace it with another one.

The new shell is soft, so at this stage, you will be able to eat these carbs with their shell. When kept in seawater the new soft shell will harden. So, the crabs are removed from the water directly after their old shell has been removed in order to consume soft shell crabs and avoid the shell hardening. 

Or fishermen can predict these changes before the crab molts so they remove the crab from the water and put them in a large tank where the temperature of the water is controlled until the old shell is removed. 

After the old shell has been removed, the crab will be weak and vulnerable but within a few hours, the newly formed shell will harden if left in water. The period of catching and consuming soft shell carbs is too short. The catching season starts in May and ends in September. 

To ensure the quality of these soft shell crabs, buy them live because they have a short life span. In case you saw that the crabs are wrapped in cellophane paper this means that they have been frozen. Also, check for the smell of the crabs before buying them to make sure of their quality.

Avoid buying them cleaned because you do not know for how much time they have died, thus their quality might not be the best. Instead, ask the fishmonger to clean them in front of you. When you buy your fresh soft shell crabs do not let them sit in the fridge for a long time.

When left in the refrigerator for several days the quality of the crabs will decrease with time and their meat will get hard. Store them in a cool and aerated place, avoid storing them in an air-tight container and consume your fresh soft shell crabs within one day of purchasing. 

What are the best ways to eat soft shell crabs?

You can consume your soft shell crabs in different ways. So, you can prepare them through deep-frying, pan-frying, broiling, or grilling. The method of preparation depends on your preferences. The time used for cooking depends on the way you have chosen to prepare your crabs.

One of the best ways to cook and consume your soft shell crabs is through deep-frying them. This method will give you an exceptional taste and texture for your crabs. The outer layer will be so crunchy. To get the best result, coat the soft shell crab with batter or flour and some spices.

Bring a large pan, fill it with oil and put it on the stove, and leave it until the oil is well heated. Next, add the coated crab into the hot oil and leave it for about eight minutes until they reach a gold color and a crunchy texture.

After frying your crabs, you can make a good sandwich by adding some mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomatoes. Additionally, the other method of cooking the soft shell crabs is by using the pan-frying method. All you need to do is add some butter or olive oil to a pan. 

Then, add the crab to the heated pan and season it with some salt and pepper. Sprinkle onto the crab some lemon juice and white wine. Cook each side for 4 minutes in butter and olive oil until they reach a good color. So, the whole process needs about eight minutes.

Grab your cooked crab and add to it some freshly chopped parsley and enjoy it. Moreover, if you consider boiling your soft shell crabs, you need to keep them in the boiled water for a maximum of eight minutes. Regarding the grilling method, you should cook each side for four minutes.

Before cooking you should make sure that the crabs are not alive. So, place the fresh soft shell crabs in the freezer or a bowl filled with cold water and ice. The other method is by cutting the front of the crab while holding them tightly. Next,  make sure to clean them well before choosing your favorite cooking method.


In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “ how to eat soft shell crab?” and other queries related to this topic.


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