How to eat mussels?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question, “how to eat mussels?”  and other queries related to this topic.

How to eat mussels? 

Eating mussels is very easy because you can not use a fork to open the shell. So, all you have to do is to find a good empty mussels shell. Once you find a good one, use it to open the closed shell that you want to eat while holding it between your forefinger and thumb.

Next, when the shell is perfectly opened use the same empty shell to remove the meat from the inside. Then, you can use the fork to eat it. When you are done, put the empty shells in an empty bowl. If you are served with an empty plate, then ask for it. 

However, if you do not find a good shell to open the closed one, then try to break the shell of one mussel and use it to remove the meat. In some countries this method is not allowed, hence in France it is completely normal to follow this method to eat your mussels.

Moreover, you can use the opened shell as a tweezer to remove the meat. In this method, you need both shells of the empty mussel to be stuck together from the back. When you find one like that, use it to remove the meat while putting some pressure on the back of the shell.

Furthermore, you can remove all the meat from the shells of the mussels and leave them on your plate and enjoy them once to empty all the shells. However, this method might not be accepted everywhere but you can consume them the way you like. 

So, removing the meat from each shell at a time and then eating it is more acceptable. Also, you can remove the meat from the shell instead of using the fork of the shell as a tweezer. This way you will enjoy the sauce and the juices present in the mussels shell. 

All these methods can be used to eat mussels at home but when you are at a restaurant it is better to use a fork to remove the meat. All you have to do is hold the mussel with your hand and then use the fork to lift the meat from the shell. Be slow and attentive while removing the meat.

In addition, some mussels are served with broth or pasta. So, you can eat the mussels first and then continue with the rest of the dish. Also, you can remove the meat from the shell and then eat it using a spoon if you want to grab some of the sauce of the broth.

What are the points to take into consideration before eating mussels?

The first point to take into consideration before eating mussels is the freshness of this seafood. The fresher they are the better their quality and taste will be. So, pregnant women and people with low immunity should be careful while eating mussels in restaurants. 

Moreover, you should be attentive to the quality and the condition of the shell. So, the shell should be closed. Avoid consuming or cooking mussels with an open shell because it signifies that it is dead and has bad quality.

Also, the smell of the mussels is very important to detect the quality of the food. If you notice a bad smell of fresh or cooked mussels do not eat them because this smell signifies the deterioration of the mussels. So, discard deteriorated and bad mussels.

How to store and clean mussels before cooking?

Mussels should be consumed within two days of purchasing in order to preserve their quality. So, refrigeration is the best way to store your mussels for two days without losing their quality. Also, put them in a colander in a bowl filled with water in the fridge to keep them alive.

Moreover, when you want to clean the mussels before cooking, run water over your mussels and use a brush to remove any dirt or sand stuck on the shells. Additionally, you will need during this step to remove all dead and bad-quality mussels.

Before cooking, consider removing the beards from the shell. Besides, the cooking method of the mussels depends on your recipe. So, you can simmer, grill, or sautee your mussels. The simmering method is the most used method for slowly cooking the mussels. 

When the mussels are cooked, serve them. The person can eat the mussels in the way he prefers, using the shell or the fork. Also, make sure you have a bowl next to you in order to put the empty shells inside of it.


In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “how to eat mussels?” and other queries related to this topic.


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