How to eat in minecraft?

In this brief article we will explain how to eat in minecraft. We will also explain what food and hunger is in minecraft. We will explain how to eat cake in minecraft and the effects of hunger in minecraft.

How to eat in minecraft?

Food in minecraft can be eaten by first selecting the food item in the Hotbar, then proceeding to  hold down the right button to enable you to eat.

What is food in Minecraft?

In minecraft food refers to any item that is consumable. It is very essential in the game for survival because if the Food bar goes empty then you will start losing health. When you eat food you gain hunger points & hunger saturation points and can sometimes get status effects.

Food lets you refill your hunger bar and avoid losing health. Some types of foods can grant you special effects that will either assist you or hurt you. You should therefore be cautious on the types of foods that you decide to eat in the game.

What is hunger in minecraft?

Hunger is a player-specific feature of Minecraft that regulates a player’s certain abilities (health regeneration and the ability to sprint) the value of which is managed by the player’s activity. 

The hunger value of a player is usually shown at the heads-up display and is in the form of a hunger bar or a food bar and it resembles the health bar which is located above the hot bar.

The hunger var is usually at the bottom right of the players screen above the XP bar. It usually resembles a drumstick and as you play and as you are involved in activities such as moving around it gets depleted.

As it gets drained, the drumstick will look like it is being consumed, and when it becomes fully depleted it will become a silhouette as a health health would look like.

The hunger bar is signaled by 10 drumsticks. 1 half of a drumstick usually signifies 1 hunger point or a ½ unit of hunger, which makes the full bar total up to 20 hunger points. It is usually increased by eating and deplenished by the player’s activities such as attacking, digging or sprinting.

At different levels of the player’s hunger, there can be an effect on health generation or depletion and the capability to be able to sprint. When the hunger level gets to 18, the player’s health regenerates but if it falls to 6 the player cannot sprint.

If the hunger bar hits zero then the player’s health is depleted. The Effects of  hunger section contains the specific effects. If you have set the game on Peaceful difficulty the hunger value does not drain & it will regenerate if it is not at the max value.

How do you eat cake in Minecraft?

Cake is usually eaten in a rather different way in minecraft although it has the same effect of replenishing health. Cake is usually eaten per slice until it is all depleted.

What foods can you eat in Minecraft?

There is a wide variety of foods that you can eat on Minecraft. One of them is apples which usually drop when you cut down trees to get the wood.

You can also grow wheat and make some bread. A chicken farm is important because it enables you to get experience and feathers, you can as well eat chicken from this.

Some of the most easy to get foods are cooked porkchop and steak. If you are vegetarian, you can eat baked potatoes.

Some of the foods in Minecraft can poison you and are therefore not worth eating. Some of the best foods to eat are:


  • Golden Apple
  • Cooked Pork
  • Cooked Beef
  • Enchanted Golden Apple
  • Golden Carrot
  • Baked Potato
  • Mushroom Stew
  • Suspicious Stew

You can learn more about foods that you can eat on Minecraft here.


In this brief article we have explained how to eat in minecraft. We have explained what food is in minecraft and what hunger is in minecraft. We have explained how to eat cake in minecraft and the effects of hunger in minecraft.