How to close a pocket knife?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “how to close a pocket knife?”. We will discuss how to lock different types of pocket knives and how to close a Slip Joint knife without a locking mechanism. In the end, we will understand how to close frame lock knives.

How to close a pocket knife?

Knife blade locks come in a variety of designs, but they all function on the same basic premise, a component blocks the blade’s pivot movement and releases when pushed aside. 

The blade may be opened using a variety of methods, including pressing a button or lever, sliding a component of the knife’s frame, or other mechanisms.

Almost any knife can be opened effortlessly if you master the technique. This is beneficial in regular life so you do not have to worry about unlocking your knife.

Use your stronger hand to hold the knife so that the blade points away from you. The blade release is on the right of the handle, close to the butt, and is accessed with the thumb of the dominant hand. It ought to be a visible area of metal that resembles the knife tang.

Use your left hand to start folding the blade into its closed position while keeping pressure on the blade discharge on the handle’s rear.

When the blade snaps into position within the handle cavity, release the grip on it and shut the blade. This is the most efficient and safe way to close a pocket knife. 

How do you lock different types of pocket knives?

You may become extremely skilled with a pocket knife in a short period of time even if you know nothing about them at all. Most folding pocket knives feature one of the following locking mechanisms:

  • Slip Joint
  • Frame Lock

The aforementioned knife locking methods are quite common, but there are several other uncommon blade locks that are only used by a small number of knife types or by a single company. 

If you can unlock the blade lock on a typical pocket knife, you can generally easily decipher the majority of other knife locks.

How to close a Slip Joint knife without a locking mechanism?

Let’s examine the precise movements and procedures required to operate a slip joint knife correctly. As you become better, you can open your knife quicker with one hand.

Knife open with the handle facing away from you and the blade pointing up in your dominant hand.

Use your non-dominant hand to hold the blades and fold them into the handle. Before storing or transporting the knife, make careful to fully enclose the blade in the handle.

Slip joint locking systems, which are often seen on old-type pocket knives, depend on the operator pushing down on the blade to prevent it from shutting.

Because there is no locking mechanism on a slip joint pocket knife’s blade, opening it is as simple as pulling the knife out of the grip and into the operating position.

The only thing holding the blade of a slip joint knife open is the pressure you provide while using it, therefore you must be cautious and apply sufficient pressure. To shut a slip joint knife, grasp the rear of the open blade and slowly fold it back into the handle.

Generally, a slip joint knife is among the easiest locking mechanisms to use, but you must be cautious since there is a high risk of dangerous mishaps. When you use a slip joint knife, the blade will close at the slightest downward pressure, which may be quite risky.

How do you close frame lock knives?

Many pocket knives have frame locks, so understanding how to shut this kind of locking mechanism may be quite helpful. Let’s examine the precise procedures you must follow to shut a frame lock knife.

The knife should be held with the blade pointing away from you in the dominant hand. Your index finger should be used to push the sharp blade forward and toward closure while your thumb is still supporting the frame part to the side.

Take your thumb off the handle and continue to use your finger to drive the sharp blade into the grip until you hear a click. Once it does, you may move your thumb back to its original position. This is a really straightforward idea that is very simple to open and shut the knife. 


In this brief article, we answered the question “how to close a pocket knife?”. We discussed how to lock different types of pocket knives and how to close a Slip Joint knife without a locking mechanism. In the end, we understood how to close frame lock knives.


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