How much sugar is in coke?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “How much sugar is in coke?’. We will also talk about other low sugar options of coke, what happens if you intake excess sugar, and alternative healthy drink options when you crave coke.

How much sugar is in coke? 

According to the coca-cola company, in every 100 ml of coke, there are 10.6 grams of sugar which relate to 35 grams of sugar in a 330 ml can of original coke. In terms of the amount of sugar, 35 grams of sugar is equal to 7 teaspoons of sugar. This amount of sugar intake per can of coke is considered too much for daily intake.

Drinking coke or any other sugary caffeinated soda is just adding hundreds of calories to your diet with absolutely no nutritional value. Drinking coke and other sugar soda is a major source of health issues globally as consumption of coke leads to a spike in blood sugar, high calories, obesity, and many health disorders.

Are there any sugar-free variations of coke? 

There are two variations of coke that are said to be sugar-free as claimed by the company. They are sold in the market and marketed as Diet coke and coke zero. Even though the company’s USP or unique selling point for these sodas is no added sugar, they still are sweet and caffeinated. 

The diet coke uses aspartame as an artificial sweetener which gives equal sweetness to natural sugar. Changing natural sugar to artificial sweeteners does not stop the body from producing insulin which spikes the blood sugar level causing diabetes. Diet coke has the same amount of caffeine as the original sugary coke.

The other non-sugar version of coke is the coke zero which also does not contain natural sugar but is sweetened by artificial sweeteners such as acesulfame potassium or Ace K and aspartame which has a similar amount of effect on the body to spike the blood sugar levels even though they have been classified as healthy choices for sugary sodas.

Caffeine levels are lower in coke zero compared to the original coke and diet coke.

What happens if you drink coke and other sugary sodas? 

Drinking coke or other sugary sodas everyday can have an adverse effect on the health of the person as coke contains an excess amount of sugar which can cause an array of health disorders such as heart diseases, kidney issues, liver issues, high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, obesity, organ failures, and high cholesterol levels.

Coke contains caffeine and sugar which are both not beneficial to the health if consumed in excess and cause various health disorders.

What are the alternative drinks options to drink when you crave coke?

If you are thinking of limiting your daily drinking limit of coke and eating some healthy drinks alternatives then here we present to you some of the healthy alternatives.

Flavored water

If you are just thirsty and do not want to drink plain water, then flavored water is the best option to hydrate yourself without adding extra calories.


Kombucha is a probiotic beverage that helps in promoting healthy gut bacteria. It is a fizzy drink which it gets naturally due to the fermentation process. Kombuchas are naturally and organically made fizzy drinks that contain very little sugar. This is the best alternative if you are craving coke for its fizziness.

Sparkling water 

Chilled sparkling waters can give you the answer to the cravings for coke if it is about the chilled coke and its fizz as sparkling water stored in the fridge has got both.

Coconut water 

Coconut water is a healthy alternative for coke as it is very much refreshing and sweet and has added health benefits. Coconut water from the fruit itself with no added sugar acts as a good electrolyte that will help you hydrate and keep you away from the nasty sugary sodas.


Smoothies that are made with less sugar or no sugar are a healthy drink option if you are craving coke. Smoothies are full of natural fruit sugars and contain lots of vitamins and minerals along with antioxidants that are vital for your wellbeing.

Iced coffee or iced tea 

If you are craving a chilled caffeinated drink then iced coffee and iced tea are the best options to enjoy if you are craving coke. These drinks have caffeine and sugar but are less than what you get in a can of coke.


In this brief guide, we answered the query, “How much sugar is in coke?’. We also talked about other low sugar options of coke, what happens if you intake excess sugar, and alternative healthy drink options when you crave coke.

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