How much is an ostrich egg?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “How much is an ostrich egg?” We will also discuss the different characteristics of an ostrich egg, whether ostrich eggs are edible, and where we can buy them.

How much is an ostrich egg?

On average, one ostrich egg costs around 30$. There are very expensive as compared to chicken. This has a lot to do with its huge size and the fact that raising ostrich can be very expensive. They provide a lot of profit to the ostrich farm owners.

What are the characteristics of an ostrich egg?

Ostrich eggs are one of the biggest eggs you can find. This is because it is laid by the world’s biggest bird. One ostrich egg weighs roughly 1.5 kg and is equivalent to 24 chicken eggs. They are also packed with different essential nutrient contents. One ostrich egg has 47 percent protein and 2000 calories on average.

One ostrich egg can support approximately 220kg vertically and 120kg horizontally. Ostrich eggs are so hard and strong that you can stand on ostrich eggs without them breaking. In fact, they’re so strong that the chicks cannot hatch without the help of the ostrich. You might need a strong tool to crack an ostrich egg. The egg shell is only 2mm thick, but it is the strongest shell of any egg.

Usually, the male ostrich sits on the eggs at night and the female during the day to incubate them. The female ostriches are grey and the males are black. This creates the perfect camouflage so that predators can not see it is ostriches sitting on eggs. When the eggs are incubated, they must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the adult birds.

Can we eat ostrich eggs?

Yes, we can eat ostrich eggs. There’s nothing wrong with eating ostrich eggs, but it is not recommended as it may be an impractical and expensive option. Just think about it, why would anyone want to have ostrich eggs when they can easily have a chicken egg right away. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that ostrich eggs are not good for you. In fact ostrich eggs are rich in many important vitamins and minerals like magnesium, iron, vitamin E, and vitamin A. the magnesium and iron content in ostrich eggs is even higher than that of chicken. One egg contains around 2,000 calories.

However, boiling or eating an ostrich egg any other way is not a viable option. According to the American Ostrich Association, hard boiling an ostrich egg would take over 90 minutes. Likewise, it is also not suggested to fry the egg. Most people are unlikely to have a large enough skillet or utensil to handle the size of the egg. Furthermore, the shell is so hard that cracking it requires a lot of strength. You’ll have to use a hammer to crack the eggs alone.

Where can we buy ostrich eggs?

We can buy ostrich eggs on an ostrich farm. Unlike regular eggs, you cannot find ostrich eggs in your usual marts or supermarkets. This is because most establishments do not sell edible ostrich eggs due to their impractical and expensive nature. 

An ostrich egg yields the equivalent of a 24-chicken egg omelet, and most individuals don’t require such a huge meal regularly. There’s no way a single person can eat that much serving. Even in groups, people would rather use multiple chicken eggs rather than using a single ostrich egg because it can be inconvenient.

 An edible ostrich egg would cost roughly the same as a live chick, and most people would not want to pay that much for an egg when they can get one in a cheaper price range. However, empty ostrich eggshells can be purchased in different places. They are available online and at reputable ostrich farms. The shells can be utilized as decorations in arts and crafts.

Most ostrich farms will sell the shells of infertile eggs, which have no embryo formed. They can remove the egg yolk and white by making a small hole with a diamond drill bit. The shell will then be sterilized in a bleach solution before shipping them to the markets. You can find some of the ostrich eggs decors here.


In this brief guide, we have answered the query, “How much is an ostrich egg?” We have also discussed the different characteristics of an ostrich egg, whether ostrich eggs are edible, and where we can buy them.