How much catnip is too much?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “How much catnip is too much?” and provide information on what is catnip, ways to introduce catnip, how a cat’s body responds to them as well as how you can plant catnips.

How much catnip is too much?

There are no appropriate amounts on how much catnip is too much. The amount of catnip that you can give to your cat can differ for different cats. 

It is better to give a pinch of catnip. This is because not all cats can handle it. Besides, cats do not ingest them. As a result, you need to not worry about them taking in too much catnip.

What exactly is catnip?

Catnip is a herbal plant that belongs to the mint family. You can find them commonly in European and Asian countries. The nepetalactone found in stems, dried flowers, and leaves of catnips can stimulate the cats and induce a euphoric feeling.

What are some ways to introduce catnip?

Cat nips can be introduced in the following manner:

  • Dried catnip leaves can be suitable for your cat. You can sprinkle a few catnips in front of them and check their reaction. 

Cat nips can work as a stimulant. It can have a pretty relaxing effect on some cats. Yet other cats can become hyperactive when it is introduced to them.

  • There are toys that might be infused with catnip or stuffed with them. Catnip toys can come in the form of plushies, balls, or toy mice.

Once the cat nips are smelt by them, cats can start to roll around and cuddle with them. They can also rub the toys on their face. 

You do not need to restrict the playtime of cats that play with catnip toys. You can allow them to keep playing with it. It is pretty safe and there are no overexposure problems associated with these toys.

Catnip chase track toys can help your cat very active. It has a bright color that can attract cats to them. There is a refillable catnip present inside the toy. This can help in engaging your cats with the toy.

Catnip chew toys can help in cleaning teeth and massaging the gums of cats. This can also help in removing plaque and tartar present in their mouth. Lightweight chew toys would aid in keeping your cats engaged.

  • Catnip spray can be another way for cats to smell catnip. You can spray catnip on couches or objects. The cats would begin to lick those objects or rub themselves around them. 

Catnip spray can be excellent to help cats recognize the importance of certain kinds of objects. For instance, if you have bought a scratching post for your cats and do not find them using it, you can spray catnip spray on them. Do not spray them on sharp objects.

  • CBD catnip sprays can contain a combination of catnip and hemp. Your cat can experience relaxation and less discomfort when exposed to CBD catnip sprays.

There are many kinds of CBD catnip products available in stores. It is important to note that all cats might not react to them. 

  • Catnip bubbles can be another way for cats to enjoy them. When these bubbles burst, cats can obtain pleasure from catnips. 

How does a cat’s body respond to catnips?

Cats can obtain a euphoric feeling when they are exposed to catnips. The effects can last for around 10-15 minutes.

Cats can only experience this euphoric feeling once in around 2-3 hours. The essential oil called nepetalactone can affect certain sensors in cats. 

Once the cats are exposed to nepetalactone, they start to rub their bodies and start to meow more. Some cats might become hyperactive and start jumping, running, or being overly aggressive.

Certain cats though can become calm after being exposed to catnip. This indicates that not all cats respond to catnip in a similar manner.

Certain cats do not have receptors that can respond to nepetalactone. This makes them pretty indifferent to them.

Can you plant catnips?

Yes, you can grow catnips in pots. However, it is not recommended to grow catnips in the garden. This is because catnips are particularly invasive and can end up reducing the growth of other plants.

You can also use catnip toys or treats as well. This way you would not need to plant catnips. If you have multiple cats at home, make sure to buy multiple catnip toys so that your cats do not fight with each other.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “How much catnip is too much?” and provided information on what is catnip, ways to introduce catnip, how a cat’s body responds to them as well as how you can plant catnips.


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