How many raisins can a dog eat?

In this dog blog, we will answer the most important question, “How many raisins can a dog eat?” We will also discuss the symptoms of raisin poisoning in your dog, the reason for poisoning in your dog, and how to treat such poisoning in your dog.

How many raisins can a dog eat?

The reported toxic dose for dogs is 0.01 ounce per kilogram of body weight. It means that 3 raisins are enough to cause toxicity in a 2.5-pound dog and 15 raisins are enough to kill a 10-pound dog. You should be careful as the reported toxic dose is very low.

Why are some dogs sensitive to raisins and others are not?

It has been seen that some dogs are more sensitive to raisin poisoning while others are not. Some dogs can survive even eating more than the reported toxic dose while some die consuming a single grape. 

Recent research has shown that it is not the dog that is sensitive to the amount of raisins or grapes. It is the grapes that have the variation in them. The amount of raisins in the grapes varies with the age of the grapes. The amount of raisins in the unripe or ripe grapes is different.

This is the reason why some dogs survive while others are dead consuming even a small amount of raisins or grapes.

Why do consuming raisins cause toxicity in your dog?

In the past, the exact mechanism of toxicity was not known to the researchers. Now they can suspect some compounds which could be toxic. These compounds are tartaric acid and potassium bitartrate. These compounds are known to cause toxicity when your dog consumes dried grapes.

These compounds are also used in the wine industry so you need to make sure that your dog doesn’t consume these two compounds in any form, especially the baked form used in the wine industry.

What are the clinical signs and symptoms of consuming raisins for your dog?

Following are the clinical signs you should observe in your dog if your dog has consumed raisins:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Grapes are seen in the stool
  • Seizures
  • Incoordination
  • Lethargy
  • Weakness
  • Kidney problem

After consuming raisins, you will see the signs in less than 3 hours. Initially, the water intake of your dog will increase and the urine output is also increased. After 24 to 72 hours, the kidney will begin to shut down and you will see low urine output.

The development of toxicity in your dog is very quick so you need to make sure that you seek vet help if you suspect that your dog has consumed grapes.

Can consuming raisins kill your dog?

Yes, there is a possibility that consuming raisins can kill your dog. There is a greater chance of death when there is an acute renal failure in your dog.

In acute renal failure, the kidneys instantly shut down and the waste material builds up in the body.

To counter such problems, you need to shift your dog to dialysis which costs a lot and is time taking.

How will your vet treat raisin poisoning in your dog?

It depends upon the level of toxicity and the duration of toxicity. If your dog has recently consumed raisins, your vet will try to induce vomiting to remove the undigested part of the grapes from the intestine. The agent that is used to induce vomiting is activated charcoal.

If this is not the case, your vet will go for further tests to diagnose the level of toxicity. Your vet will also give fluid therapy to your dog to dilute the toxin in the blood and also to rehydrate the body of your dog. 

Your vet will also give laxatives to help your dog defecate quickly and remove the toxins from the intestine. 

The objective is to remove the toxin from the blood. The sooner you bring your dog to the vet, the better your vet can treat your dog.

How to stop your dog from consuming grapes?

It is very important that you devise ways to prevent your dog from consuming grapes. The most important thing is to keep the grapes and the related products which have the two mentioned compounds away from your dog.

The next thing you can do is to keep an eye on your dog so that he doesn’t consume anything deadly. Christmas and Thanksgiving are the two most important events in which there is a chance that your dog will consume something that is not healthy for your dog.


In this blog, we answered our important question, “How many raisins can a dog eat?” We also discussed the symptoms of raisin poisoning in your dog, the reason for poisoning in your dog, and how to treat such poisoning in your dog.


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