How many pounds are in a bushel of corn?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “How many pounds are in a bushel of corn?” and provide information on what a bushel means as well as ways to increase corn yield.

How many pounds are in a bushel of corn?

There are 56 pounds in a bushel of corn. In terms of kilograms, a bushel of corn can weigh 25 kilograms. The 56-pound weight of a bushel of corn is based on a 15 percent moisture content.

Based on moisture content, the weight in pounds would differ. For instance, at 10 percent of moisture, the corn’s weight in pounds would be 52.5 pounds. At 20 percent, the weight would be 59.1 pounds.

What does a bushel mean?

Bushel refers to a unit used to commonly measure crops. In the US, bushel refers to the weight of corn than its volume.

The bushel of each crop is different and can vary. For instance, a bushel of wheat is 60 pounds whereas a bushel of oats is 32 pounds.

What are some ways to increase corn yield?

  • Planting at an appropriate time can help in improving corn yield. Planting corn in April or May end can improve the yield. The temperature and soil can also have an effect.

Proper equipment for planting and a seedbed can be required to elevate corn yield as well.

  • Crop rotation can be another way to improve corn yield. An alternating crop can be placed next to corn to prevent competition between corn plants. 

Corn can be planted alongside soybean. Apart from soybean, wheat can also be added to the rotation cycle. Crop rotation also helped in keeping the soils healthier. 

When the same crops are planted in the same soil each year, it can result in the soil becoming inferior.

  • Check the yield potential. Before calculating yield potential, it is important to check the types of crops being planted and the quality of the seeds. Checking the weather conditions is also important.

To calculate the yield potential, multiply the number of corn ears by the number of rows and the average number of kernels. Divide the number obtained from this by factors that influence growing conditions.

Factors that influence growing conditions can be calculated by looking at the range of kernels per bushel.

Condition of cropsFactors influencing growing conditionsRange of kernels per bushel

For instance, if the harvestable ear count is 35, the average number of kernels is 500, and factors that influence growing conditions is 80, you can calculate the yield potential by: 

35 x 500/ 80= 218.75

  • Check your field to see whether there are any weeds present. Apart from this diseases, birds, or insects can affect the crops as well.

If you have a large field, you can use a tractor to travel. Make sure to slowly drive the tractor and look around the crops to detect these factors. This can give you an idea of whether you need to use pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides on crops.

  • Using fertilizers can provide essential nutrients to the crops. Some nutrients required for corn are phosphorus, calcium, nitrogen, and potassium.  
  • You can conduct tests on your soil to check its capability. A pH of 6 to 7 is required for plants to flourish and grow.
  • Herbicides can aid in driving off weeds. Weeds are invasive and take up nutrients from the soil. This can give lesser crop yield as it contributes to poor growth of crops. 
  • Quality of corn seeds is another factor that can aid in improving the crop yield. Hybrid seeds tend to grow quickly and have better yields too. They are also more sustainable. 
  • Planting depth is another important factor that can determine corn yield. Plants can be planted at a depth of 1-2 inches but it should not be any deeper than that. There should be proper row spacing between crops as well.
  • Starter fertilizer can be one of the important factors that can determine yield. When fertilizers are added to younger plants, they tend to absorb fertilizers quickly and grow well as the roots are smaller.

It is essential to focus on crop yields so that farmers receive proper revenue. An increase in population demands an increase in crop yield. As a result, it is important for farmers to focus on yield.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “How many pounds are in a bushel of corn?” and provided information on what a bushel means as well as ways to increase corn yield.