How many eggs can I diabetic eat in a day?

In this brief article, we answer the question “how many eggs can a diabetic eat in a day?”  We will also discuss the healthy ways to prepare eggs and the perfect foods for diabetics.

How many eggs can a diabetic eat in a day?

It is recommended that a diabetic should have 1-2 eggs a day, but this all depends on the body size of the person. If you have diabetes or your family has a history of diabetes, you shouldn’t eat more than one egg a day or 4-5 eggs per week.

Diabetes is currently one of the health conditions that have no cure, the only thing that is done currently is managing the symptoms. Hence, awareness is key for this to be possible.

The diet of a diabetic person should be rich in fiber and protein as it does not get metabolized easily hence, ensuring that the blood sugar levels are stable. Therefore, greens, vegetables, whole fruits, and nuts could make a perfect diet for a diabetic person.

Eggs are a good source of protein and immunity since they contain Vitamin A, selenium, and vitamin B12. An egg is divided into two parts, the white part is composed of water and proteins, and the yellow part is the York which is the main source of vitamins, fats, and cholesterol.

What are some of the best foods diabetics have for breakfast?

Greek yogurt with berries is a very tasty and nutritious breakfast that is perfect for diabetic individuals. Dairy products are good since they improve blood sugar regulation and lower blood sugar levels. Because of the probiotics available in yogurt, it is, therefore, suitable for blood sugar control.

Chia seed pudding is also a great meal because of the presence of fiber content with low digestible carbohydrates, when carbohydrates are digested they raise the blood sugar levels.

Avocado is rich in fiber and fatty acids, this makes this dish suitable for a diabetic person. Research has indicated that food that is enriched with fats can slow down the release of sugars into the bloodstream, and prevent the shooting of sugar levels. 

The combination of butternut with multigrain toast is a perfect blend for diabetic people.

Although these food choices are perfect to keep the sugar levels low, diabetic people should still keep the overall nutrition requirements all through the day to ensure that their sugar levels are maintained.

What are the different ways to prepare eggs?

The most appropriate way to prepare eggs is by boiling, scrambling them with milk that has low fat, and also poaching them.

It is also recommended in pairing the eggs with vegetables or salads instead of having them with foods rich in fats.

If you are making fried eggs, you can switch the oil used in frying to one that is healthy for the heart, such as canola, corn, or olive oil.

One must also be mindful about what to pair with the eggs and how to prepare them. Since scrambled eggs are some of the ideas that you can explore while preparing it, alternatively you can try an omelet with several green vegetables and mushrooms.

What are the best snack foods for diabetics?

According to research conducted, a quarter cup of salsa contains about 12 calories, and combined with low-fat baked potato chips is a perfect combo to satisfy those afternoon cravings of a diabetic. In addition, the vegetables found in the salsa are low in carbs, and the crunchy potatoes are also rich in potassium.

A study published in 2019 by clinical endocrinology showed that two days of eating oatmeal lowered the sugar levels of diabetics whose levels were out of range.

Oatmeal cooked with water has 77 calories, 3 grams of protein, and is high on the glycemic index which makes it a better choice for diabetics. Topping up with any type of berries is perfect for a tasty treat and keeping the sugar levels at bay.

Avocado is the best source of monounsaturated fats which is healthy for the heart and is less time-consuming since it is easy to slice. Avocado is enriched with fiber and low in sugar content making it perfect for a diabetic, for flavor squeeze some lime juice on top. Remember that avocado is rich in calories, hence, it should be eaten in proper portions.


In this brief article, we have answered the question “How many eggs can I diabetic eat in a day?” We have also discussed some of the food suitable for diabetic people and several ways to prepare eggs.

Hope you find this article helpful, in case of any questions, please let us know.