How long does tamarind last?

In this brief article, we answer the question “How long does tamarind last?” We will also discuss how to tell if tamarind has gone bad and how to properly store tamarind.

How long does tamarind last?

Tamarind lasts for 1 week when stored at room temperature after harvesting. If stored in the refrigerator, tamarind can last for 3 months. Tamarind in the freezer can last for up to one year.

When stored at room temperature, Tamarind decreases in freshness and loses its tart flavors. Tamarind also deteriorates faster when stored in a damp environment due to high moisture content.

However, tamarind has a good keeping quality because of the generally low pH. Tamarind is generally acidic and therefore inhibits bacterial growth.

How can you tell if Tamarind has gone bad?

It is easy to tell when tamarind goes bad due to the change in texture and taste. The flesh hardens with time and starts to shrink in size such that the seed becomes exposed. If stored in areas with high moisture, The flesh becomes slimy and too soft and mold can easily grow.

As for the taste test. Spoilt tamarind becomes chewy and develops a bland taste due to the loss of its tart flavors. You do not have to toss out tamarind with a bland taste since it can be used in recipes.

Leaking a container is also a sign that tamarind has gone bad. The container can leak either because tamarind has not been properly closed or pressure builds up due to the acidity of the product which can force its way through the container.

The container can also develop rust due to fungi that require water. The rust can even cause tiny holes in the container which can make tamarind spoil even further.

How do you properly store tamarind?

Tamarind should be stored with the shell intact. This is because Tamarind deteriorates after the shell cracks and therefore hardens the flesh.

Salting also helps in extending the shelf life of tamarind especially if tamarind is intended to be cooked. Salt helps in loosening tamarind flesh making it easier to handle such that it will not take onto your hands.

Tamarind should be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed and airtight container which helps to keep moisture away. Refrigerators also have controlled humidity which prevents the flesh from hardening.

Can you freeze tamarind?

Yes, freezing tamarind helps in retaining its freshness for much longer compared to refrigeration. It is recommended to freeze and ripe tamarins with no cracks on the shell. Ripened tamarind easily gets freezer burn.

To freeze tamarind first pick an unripe one and toss it into a sealable freezer bag or an airtight container. Label the bag and toss it in the freezer.

You can thaw frozen tamarind by leaving it on the countertop at room temperature for a few hours or putting it back in the refrigerator at night.


In this brief article, we have answered the question “How long does tamarind last?” We have also discussed how to properly store tamarind and how to tell if tamarind has gone bad.

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