Does McDonald’s have WiFi?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “Does McDonald’s have WiFi?” and provide information on how to connect to McDonald’s WiFi, when the terms of agreement page appear,  and whether McDonald’s WiFi is fast.

Does McDonald’s have WiFi?

Yes, McDonald’s has WiFi. However, some restaurant owners might tend to disable the WiFi. You can talk to the McDonald’s staff members if you wish to switch on the WiFi. 

You can also use the restaurant locator feature of McDonald’s to figure out which stores have complimentary WiFi.

You do not need a special login to use McDonald’s WiFi. Instead, you have to agree to the terms and agreement page that comes up while you use the WiFi. Once you agree to them, you will be able to freely use the WiFi.

The speed of the WiFi can vary in different locations. You can ask the restaurant employees to help connect your phone to WiFi if you are unable to do so.

How to connect your phone to McDonald’s WiFi?

Go to your WiFi settings and then click on McDonald’s WiFi network to connect to WiFi. A terms and conditions page can appear before you. You can select the “agree to terms and conditions” option to use the WiFi.

If you have an iPhone, select the “connect to networks automatically” option in your device settings. Once that happens, the terms of agreement option appear to which you need to select agree.

How to connect to WiFi on your desktop?

If you wish to connect to WiFi, click on the WiFi icon present in the corner of the computer. For Mac devices, this icon can appear in the upper right region whereas, for Windows, it can appear in the bottom right region.

There can be a list of available network options that appear when you click on the WiFi icon. Select the one that includes McDonald’s. If you do not see McDonald’s, refresh your settings and then try again. 

Apart from this, sometimes, the WiFi can be named Wayport. This is because Wayport has been bought by AT&T which is the common service provider for McDonald’s. As a result, you might see McDonald’s WiFi labeled as “AT&T” or “wayport_access McDonald’s.”

When do the terms of agreement page appear?

The terms of agreement page appears immediately after you have connected to McDonald’s. If the terms and agreement page does not appear after connecting to their WiFi, you can try to visit any other website so that the agreement page appears before this page loads.

On the agreement page, do not tick on the boxes as you might receive notifications, emails, and text messages from McDonald’s.

What if the WiFi is connected but there is no service?

If the WiFi is connected and there is no service, it is because you are on a page that is secure (marked as HTTPS). You would have to go to an HTTP page to obtain the terms of service page. When you are logged in, you can accept the terms of service.

A non-HTTPS page can be quicker and easier to access. You will find the terms of service on a non-HTTPS page.

Why is table service beneficial while you browse?

Table service can be beneficial while you browse. This means if you order your meal at the front desk, meals can be delivered to you on your table. Employees can also ask whether they wish to refill foods. They can also take back your empty plates once you have finished eating.

This can help you browse on the laptop. McDonald’s has brought this service to Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco. It is planning to bring this service to other bigger cities.

Is McDonald’s WiFi fast?

Yes, McDonald’s WiFi is fast. It has a 6 Mbps speed which makes them faster than average public WiFis.

The quality of WiFi can depend on the router’s signal. If you experience your WiFi being slow, it could be because you are not in a proper location. If you are sitting far away from the router too, WiFi can be slow.

Another point to remember is that you do not need to enter a building to access the WiFi. This means that you can access the WiFi from McDonald’s parking lot too. However, the strength of WiFi can be very slow compared to when you are inside a restaurant.

Is McDonald’s WiFi safe?

It is not safe as it is public WiFi. A hacker can easily hack and gather data from your phone and devices if the network is the same. While using public WiFi, do not visit websites where you have to enter sensitive information.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “Does McDonald’s have WiFi?” and provided information on how to connect to McDonald’s WiFi, when the terms of agreement page appears, and whether McDonald’s WiFi is fast.


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