Does fiddle leaf fig bear fruit?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “Does fiddle leaf fig bear fruit?” We will also discuss the reason fiddle leaf fig does not bear fruit indoors, whether it is edible, and the process of development of a fiddle leaf fig fruit.

Does fiddle leaf fig bear fruit?

Yes, fiddle leaf fig bears fruit but they do so primarily in their natural habitat. Since fiddle leaf figs are typically used as an indoor plant for decoration purposes, if you’re hoping it will bear fruits like other types of figs, then you’re in for a big surprise. 

The fiddle leaf fig thrives the best in tropical rainforests, where it frequently rains and is exposed to a humid climate. You may not find similar suitable conditions for your indoor plant. This is the reason why fiddle leaf figs are mostly used as an ornamental plant, they can neither bear fruits like other fig species nor have the characteristics of edible fruit.

Since there are no pollinators and insufficient sunlight to provide the necessary energy, fiddle leaf figs grown indoors in non-tropical environments do not usually bear fruits. 

Why does fiddle leaf fig not bear fruit indoors?

The reason fiddle leaf fig does not bear fruit indoors is because of a lack of a suitable tropical environment that is important for producing these fruits. Light conditions play an important role in the growth of fiddle leaf fig fruits. Even just for healthy growth fiddles need a lot of light, and even more to produce fruit.

Another important factor that plays a major role in the fruiting is the lack of pollinators indoors. Wasps in particular are necessary for these species to produce figs. The wasps sting the fiddle leaf fig flower, lay their eggs inside, and then release chemicals to hasten the fruit’s ripening. 

A wasp doesn’t simply fly from one flower to another to pollinate figs, wasps and fiddle figs are completely dependent on one another for survival and reproduction. Also, these plants prefer to remain stable, so moving them around your home will hinder their growth. The fiddle leaf fig requires some time to acclimate to its new surroundings.

Is the fiddle leaf fruit edible?

No, the fiddle leaf fruit is not edible. Although these fruits aren’t toxic or poisonous, they aren’t exactly edible either. This has a lot to do with their unpleasant taste. It has a rough, leathery skin, and a bland, bitter taste. 

These fruits have a weird taste even in their ripe form. Most people describe the experience of eating fiddle leaf figs as a very bad one. This is also because it causes the inside of your mouth to feel unpleasant and dry out. 

They are said to range from bland to bitter because they are not as sweet as the typical figs we eat. It doesn’t have characteristics of a typical fruit that are considered to be sweet and delicious. No one wants to eat a fruit that makes their mouth feel unpleasant.

How does a fiddle leaf fig fruit develop?

The development of a fiddle leaf fig is initiated by a wasp. Figs have a distinctive crunch to them. This is because the structure’s interior is made of flowers and seeds, which later develop into figs.

These clusters of inverted flowers serve as the fig tree’s ovaries. These flowers need to be pollinated by a fig wasp to reproduce. A female fig wasp enters the fruit through a tiny opening as the fruits start to mature. The wasp lays her eggs and pollinates the flower at the same time. 

The flower is then injected with a chemical by the female wasp, which causes the flowers to ripen and provide food for her young. As a result, the flower will ripen into what we usually think of as a fruit.

The eggs of the female wasp begin to hatch after the death of the female wasp. The young wasps will develop into adults and mate inside the fruit. The pregnant female wasps can exit the fig by chewing exit holes out of the fruit before the male wasps die. 

The cycle repeats itself when the females’ exit the ripe fruit, lay their eggs in their fig fruits, and then pollinate those fruits with pollen from the same fruit where they were born. You can find more interesting facts about the fiddle leaf fig here.


In this brief guide, we have answered the query, “Does fiddle leaf fig bear fruit?” We have also discussed the reason fiddle leaf fig does not bear fruit indoors, whether it is edible, and the process of development of a fiddle leaf fig fruit.


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