Does earl grey tea have caffeine?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Does earl grey tea have caffeine?”, will show you what Earl grey tea is and how to prepare it.

Does earl grey tea have caffeine?

Yes. Like all black teas, earl grey tea has a significant quantity of caffeine. 

What is earl grey tea?

Earl Gray is essentially a blend of black, green, or white tea and bergamot oranges. A Chinese or Indian maharajah, depending on the account, diplomatically gave the combination to the Count, who then started serving it to his guests at gatherings and parties.

He is one of the well-known figures in the tea industry, yet few people are aware of his true ancestry. Around the year 1830, a British prime minister introduced this kind of infusion to the country, and the drink bears his name. 

He went by the name of 2nd Earl Gray, or Count Grey in a looser translation. He is also credited with introducing the nation’s election reform. 

When he realised how much everyone enjoyed that concoction, he contacted Twinings and asked them to develop the Earl Gray formula. 

Another version of the same story claims that the primary rivals of the business, Jacksons of Piccadilly, were the ones who learned the Count’s preparation technique and started using it. This argument is still being had today…

Lady Grey, a kind of Earl Grey produced by Twinings and targeted toward women, has a more delicate flavour and is flavoured with lemon, lime, and bergamot orange. The Count’s staple is still available in a variety of brands and side dishes.

Does earl grey tea contain the same amount of caffeine as coffee?

No, there is less in tea. The amount of caffeine in tea is one of the most frequently questioned topics. Unfortunately, this data will vary according to the type of plant utilised, the plantation’s altitude, processing, the type of tea, and the amount. 

What is known is that immature tea leaves contain 3% to 4% more caffeine than mature ones. The ready-to-drink beverage has a small quantity, though, because it has been diluted in water.

The amount of caffeine found in tea, coffee, and mate was compared in a study that was reported in the book “Non-alcoholic beverages.” The amount of caffeine in each liquid was calculated based on 100 ml in the study.

  • 50 mg of caffeine in earl grey tea
  • caffeinated coffee has 116 mg.

The quantity varies a lot across different tea kinds. Because matcha is prepared from the entire Camellia sinensis plant, it contains more caffeine than regular green tea. Even so, it is still a much smaller beverage than coffee.

How is earl grey tea made?

There are several ways to make Earl Gray tea because it can be made using black tea, green tea, or white tea. Here, we’ll go through a few techniques for making this delectable tea. 

The bergamot flavour is added after the black tea leaves have dried, therefore you must first realise that Earl Gray leaves are only available in dry form.

Recipe 1:

You’ll need some water and an Earl Gray sachet or dried leaves for this recipe. Such leaves can be purchased at health food retailers, but it’s crucial to read the product label carefully.

Method of preparation:

It is really simple to prepare. Simply mix the sachet or two tablespoons of dried Earl Grey leaves with 250 millilitres of water that has already been boiled. After steeping for a few minutes, filter the beverage if necessary before consuming.

Recipe 2:

You can also make your Earl Gray tea by starting with the unprocessed components. In other words, all you need is fresh bergamot fruit and some black tea leaves so that you can infuse the tea yourself with the citrus flavour.

Method of preparation:

Start by thoroughly cleaning the bergamot and chopping up the peels. Use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process or leave the peel out in the sun for up to 24 hours. 

After that, add the dried husks to a sealed container with black tea leaves so that the bergamot taste and scent can permeate the beverage.

It should be noted that some individuals prefer to make their tea with milk rather than water, but you should be aware that this technique might lower the tea’s antioxidant content and lessen its positive effects. 

Add a few drops of lemon or honey to the drink to vary the flavour. Many tea recipes preserve the same advantages by using white tea or green tea leaves.


In this short article, we answered the question “Does earl grey tea have caffeine?”, have shown you what Earl grey tea is and how to prepare it.