Does coffee expire?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Does coffee expire?” and will give you tips for keeping your coffee at home.

Does coffee expire?

Yes, coffee does expire. The coffee package’s engraved expiration date may not be the same as the beverage’s actual shelf life. Typically, we accept the validity stated on labels as gospel truth. 

The same rationale is not usually applied in the case of coffee, which is why there are so many different options, including three, four, six, twelve, and even eighteen months. 

The moment the grain is ground, a natural oxidation process begins, interfering with the beverage’s ability to be used as intended.

In other words, the grain already starts to lose its essential oils after grinding. As a result, the packaged and ground coffee found on grocery shelves does not have the same quality due to the water-soluble components that remain, such as caffeine. 

Additionally, the extra caffeine removed intensifies the bitterness of the coffee. In this method, the expiration date, which would normally act as a parameter and direct us toward consumption, is not used. 

Really fine coffee should be ground and drunk immediately. Because of this, there is a noticeable difference in the flavour and standard of the coffee when it is freshly ground.

Date of coffee roasting:

The roasting date, which is more significant than the expiration date and truly indicates how fresh the coffee is, is another crucial element for speciality coffee beans. 

Consumption should last between three and four months for the qualities of the sensory notes and the intensity of the perfume to be more fully appreciated. 

Consumption, however, should ideally occur between two (when ground) and four weeks (in grains) after the date of roasting once the package has been opened. The fresher the better is a generalisation rather than a rule. 

Curious about something else? Coffee has to rest for at least four to eight days after roasting. In general, coffee itself is not a product that is susceptible to the growth of mould or the attraction of microbes. 

Additionally, drinking coffee that has expired won’t harm your health. Oxidation is the adversary because it starts the process of sensory and aromatic loss after coming into contact with oxygen.

Because original packaging aids in conservation, especially when it has an air valve (degassing or unidirectional), it is crucial to maintain it. 

The valve prevents oxygen from entering while enabling roasting gases to escape, keeping your coffee fresher longer.

Purchase a coffee grinder

Last advice: get a grinder. There are many available at extremely reasonable prices, ranging from manual to automatic. Even though they have blades, it’s better to grind the coffee right away than to wait for it to be ground. 

The difference will be obvious, especially in the aroma that will fill your kitchen with an unmatched “perfume.”

How should coffee be kept at home?

Keep your coffee away from excessive temperatures (hot or cold). Coffee is sometimes kept in the refrigerator, although this is incorrect. Coffee can take up moisture and smells from the fridge. 

It can retain a little amount of ice residue in the freezer. The aroma and flavour of the beans are lost as a result.

Enemies of coffee at home

Coffee’s main foes when being stored are:

  • Heat
  • Light
  • Moisture
  • Air

It’s crucial to use caution after opening the packaging. After roasting, the beans become quite delicate, therefore it’s critical to take care with how they are preserved if you want to preserve their excellent sensory qualities throughout the entire package.

The key advice is: Always store in dry locations, with dark packaging that blocks light, and in hermetically sealed pots to prevent contact with air.

It is crucial to be aware that air speeds up the oxidation of coffee, which results in the loss of fragrance and flavour in the beans. Unfortunately, once the package is opened, this cannot be avoided.

If there will be little usage at home, we advise purchasing smaller coffee packages (250 grams, for example). It is advised to buy two little packages of coffee if you don’t want to take the chance of running out during the month.

The better the coffee, the fresher it is.

Look at the date the coffee was roasted rather than the date it was manufactured.

It is not advisable to mix a recently opened cafe with one that has been open for days.

Coffee is not like sugar or wheat that I can blend with what’s in the package right now. The taste will be impacted by this. 

As previously said, always pay attention to the roast date while purchasing coffee. never on the day of expiration. How recently the coffee was roasted reveals how fresh it is.


In this short article, we answered the question “Does coffee expire?” and gave you tips for keeping your coffee at home.