Does cardio burn fat?

In this brief article we will answer the question,”Does cardio burn fat?” We will look into other related topics such as the amount of cardio required to lose fat.We will also discuss the factors that influence weight loss and how quickly you burn calories.

Does cardio burn fat?

Yes, cardio which is short for cardiovascular activity is a great way to burn fat. However, different people will require different amounts of cardio exercises to lose weight.

Cardio also referred to as aerobic exercise assists you to lose fat by burning calories. The amount of fat that you can burn is pegged on some factors such as your metabolism.

In order to lose a pound of fat in a week, you generally require to burn about 3,500 calories in a week. Cardio is also good for the heart and muscles such as those in the torso and legs as aids  in bumping the blood pumping and also the breathing.

How much cardio is required to lose fat?

In order to effectively lose weight you require to engage in physical activity and consume a healthy varied and balanced diet according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Doing one, without the one might not give you the results you want.

Consumption of a healthy diet is important in the journey of weight loss. This is because you require to consume an amount of calories that you can burn and for people that are looking to shed some weight they need to cut down on the no. of calories in their diet.

On top of a healthy diet, people looking to lose weight are required to engage in physical activity. Cardio is a great way to burn some fat and lose weight. However, as earlier mentioned the amount of cardio required to lose weight varies between people.

The CDC advises that people stick to a weekly routine exercise that comprises of the below activities:

  • 2 and a half hours of moderate intensity aerobic activity such as walking briskly
  • 1 and a quarter hours of  intense aerobic activity such as running
  • An equivalent combination of the 2 activities above

The above 2 exercises if well done every week can assist in being healthy. If the exercises are done together with consumption of a healthy and varied diet it can assist in weight loss for most people.

Such kind of exercise every week is important to staying healthy. When combined with a healthy (balanced and varied) diet, this amount of activity will help weight loss.

What are the factors that influence weight loss?

According to the CDC, there are a variety of factors that come to play when it comes to weight loss. Some of them are as below:

The environment one stays

Some people reside in well developed places that have well built green spaces or sidewalks that they can exercise. This is not the case for other people and that can make exercising difficult.


Your genetics also play a role in many factors such as how full you feel when you consume food, appetite levels and how your body utilizes energy and how it burns calories.

Chronicle illness

Chronic illnesses such as heart disease can result in gaining weight as well as making it very difficult for someone to exercise.


Some meds such as antipsychotics usually have undesirable side effects that can lead to weight gain in some people.

What are some factors that influence how fast you burn calories?

It is important that you understand that there are some factors that influence how quickly you can burn calories before commencing on your cardio weight loss journey . Some of the factors are:


As you get older it becomes much harder to burn calories and you can only burn a few of them.

Body composition

People who have a higher percentage of fat burn much few calories than people that have a lot of muscle mass that tend to burn more calories.

Intensity of workout

This is a no brainer, people that are engaged in more intense and vigorous exercises burn more calories than those in simple and moderate workouts.


Men generally burn more calories as compared to women.

Overall daily activity

The more active and engaged you are during the day the more calories you burn as compared to people that are sedentary a lot during the day.


People who have a greater weight burn more calories than those that have less.


In this brief article we have answered the question,”Does cardio burn fat?” We have looked into other related topics such as the amount of cardio required to lose fat.We have also discussed the factors that influence weight loss and how quickly you burn calories.


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