Does a cat eat its dead owner?

This cat blog will answer the major question, “Does a cat eat a dead owner?” we will also discuss whether your cat can eat you in sleep, whether it can eat you alive, and whether the cat thinks of eating you when you are alive.

Does a cat eat its dead owner?

Yes, cats can eat dead owners. It is a natural behavior but it is stimulated when your cat doesn’t find any food. This happens a lot when the owner is not very social and he dies in his house. The cat may not find anything to eat so like other animals the cat will start to eat the flesh of the dead owner to fulfill its needs.

Can cats eat you in your sleep?

No, cats cannot eat you when you are sleeping. Cats can differentiate between a dead and an alive creature. The cat will come close to you to check your breathing. Cats also have the instinct to tell whether the body is decomposing or not. 

The cat will not make the mistake to eat you when you are sleeping. Some owners are worried about this, but you need not worry about yourself. You just need to love your cat and give it the right amount of food in the right place. 

The cats are not natural scavengers, so they do not eat dead owners unless they feel hungry. If you are giving enough food to your cat you shouldn’t worry about this behavior of your cat.

Can cats eat you alive?

As we have already discussed cats are not natural scavengers so they will not eat you when you are alive. Some cats are aggressive, and they attack their owners, but they do not eat the owner and attack to protect themselves. 

Sometimes the owners are not taking good care of the cats so the cats become aggressive and they will attack the owner. There are also other reasons for cats attacking their owners. These reasons include:

  • Feeling jealous about other pets in the house.
  • Feeling insecure about anything.
  • Feeling sick due to some psychological reasons.

If your cat has developed a habit of attacking you, you should rule out the cause of this attack. If you have brought home a new pet, you should slowly introduce it to your cat otherwise your cat will feel jealous and will attack the new pet and you also.

Will cats think of eating you?

No, cats usually do not think of eating you. It is a misconception. When you are sleeping your cat will come to you to feel the warmth of you and not plan to eat you. When you are sick the cats will be around you because they will care about you. 

Your cat will be near you because it wants to protect you and it thinks that you will feel better in the company of it. You just don’t need to worry about it.

How much time a cat will take to eat a human body?

It depends upon many factors. The major factors are listed below:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Breed
  • Health status
  • Pregnancy
  • Weight of the dead body

Can feral cats attack to eat you?

No, feral cats will not attack you to eat you. They usually find food in the garbage but can eat the dead human flesh if not found anything to eat. If there are feral cats around your home you can observe them. They will eat dead mice, cockroaches, and other insects to fulfill the energy requirement. 

Cats are obligate carnivores; they convert the protein into glucose and get energy from it. Glucose is the major source of energy in the body. Cats need a high amount of protein to fulfill their needs or they will eat small dead animals and insects to fulfill their protein needs.

Will domesticated cats eat dead pets in the house?

Yes, domestic cats can eat dead animals in the house. If you are not offering adequate protein to your cat then it will eat the dead insects and the animal in the house. You must have observed your cat catching insects like bugs because they need protein from them.

Cats are not best at taking or utilizing the protein from the plants, so they focus on getting it from the animals around them. Sometimes the cats in the house chase bugs not because they want to eat them but out of curiosity.


In this cat blog, we answered our major question, “Does Cat eat a dead owner?” we also discussed whether your cat can eat you in sleep, whether it can eat you alive, and whether the cat thinks of eating you when you are alive.


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