Do vegans eat cheese?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “do vegans eat cheese?” We will also discuss  how you can tell that cheese is plant-based and also the healthy types of cheese

Do vegans eat cheese?

Yes, vegans can eat cheese. Vegan cheese is plant-based consisting of vegetables, proteins, fats, and milk that is plant-based. This cheese is mainly made from pine nuts, almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts, and other nuts. It can also be made from potatoes, rice, spices, oil, coconut oil or tapioca, and yeast that is nutritional.

Cheese for vegans is different from origin cheese but these ingredients give it a similar aroma, flavor, texture, and consistency as that of normal meat-based cheese. The intention is to avoid any foods made from meat or by-products of meat from a killed animal.

Different types of vegans and vegetarians allow different types of foods. As for vegans, there is a strict line on eggs, some honey, dairy, seafood, and flesh of animals but a common ground for all of them is poultry and meat.

Cheese must be made from rennet which entails enzymes coordinating for milk thickening. Both rennet and Chymosin help in curing casein in cheese. There is a vegetable type of rennet that is fermented by the use of yeast, fungi, and bacteria. Animal genes that are rennet-producing are mixed to act as chymosin in these processes. 

Another rennet is similar to an animal rennet made from nettles, and artichokes which are thistle plant products. You can also use Mold rennet to play the role of chymosin but is not best for making cheese due to its bitter taste.

What is cheese?

Cheese is described as a dairy product with greater flavors and texture made by bacteria or acids than the solid milk part aged or processed. Its nutrition is dependent on the production methods and the ingredients used. 

Cheese contains essential nutrients calcium and proteins that are healthy. It helps in losing weight as well as preventing osteoporosis and other heart diseases. There have however been concerns due to the calories, high sodium content and fat to some people.

How can you tell your cheese has animal products?

Reading the label is the best way to know whether cheese is plant-based or not. All cheese is labeled indicating the type of rennet that has been used to make it, including pepsin and animal enzymes. 

Cheese made from plants has its labels indicated as plant rennet or vegan rennet or thistle rennet. As their ingredients. However, It is not mandatory for companies making cheese to disclose information on the rennets according to FDA. The FDA only requires them to indicate that the cheese is friendly to vegans and vegetarians. 

In some Jewish laws, it is wrong to mix meat and milk in a product without indicating it. They have Kosher Cheese that has been certified. Vegans therefore can eat Kosher cheese with K as their label without the need to check the labels because it is certified as not having animal products.

Which type of Cheese is the healthiest to eat?


Mozzarella is a type of cheese from Italy which is white soft and made from cow milk or Italian buffalo. Its calories and sodium levels are lower compared to other types of cheese due to its high moisture content. 

Mozzarella is made from probiotic bacteria which helps in promoting gut health, fighting inflammation, and strengthening immunity. 


Ricotta cheese is similar to cottage cheese but creamer and lighter. Like most cheese, it is made from the milk of either cows or buffalo from whey protein loaded with amino acids which help in lowering blood pressure, promote the growth of muscles, and reduce cholesterol levels.

It is best incorporated in lasagna, pasta, scrambled eggs, and salad or used in dips as a base.


The taste of cheddar varies in that it can be sharp or mild. It is made from matured cow milk hence its semi-hard nature. It contains vitamin K which is good for improving bone health and preventing calcium deposits on arteries wall which could otherwise cause blockage and blood flow inhibited therefore causing heart diseases.

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In this brief article, we have answered the question “do vegans eat cheese?” We have also discussed what cheese is and how you can tell a cheese is plant-based.

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