Do seals eat penguins?

In this brief article we will answer the question,” Do seals eat penguins?” We will explain which species of seals eat penguins. We will also look at how seals hunt penguins and what other animals besides penguins seals eat. We will as well discuss if seals eat humans and how they stalk penguins.

Do seals eat penguins?

Yes, seals do eat penguins. They usually hunt down penguins on land but mostly wait on them to get into the ocean so that they can get a hold of them by their feet, shake them and beat up their bodies until they die.

After killing them, they usually take them to the ocean;s surface so that they can tear them up. They do so because they lack teeth to slice them into smaller pieces.

Which species of seals eat penguins?

The main predators of penguins are leopard seals. However, several species of the southern fur seals also feed on penguins as a part of their diet. Sea lions as well hunt down and kill penguins to eat them.

How do seals hunt down penguins?

Well, seals are carnivorous mammals as well as predators. Species of seals such as leopard seals and fur seals usually feed on penguins on a regular basis in the ocean and on land. Seals are a great part of their diet combined with some Antarctic creatures.  

Seals possess very special hunting skills such as very fast swimming speeds, powerful jaws and good infrared vision eyesight to enhance their night vision when they are in the deeper depths of the ocean. They can go in depths of upto 1970 feet below the ocean surface to catch their prey.

Seals also call for assistance from other seals when they are out hunting and this makes it easier to catch prey. Leopard seals do however prefer to hunt alone, penguins are no match to the hunting skills of seals and end up getting hunted down and fed upon.

What other animals are part of a seal’s diet?

Besides penguins seals also feed on other warm blooded animals owing to their carnivorous nature. There is a wide variety of animals that make up the seals diet and they include:

Small fish

Small fish are also a part of seals’ diet. Seals usually dive nearly 2,000 feet below the ocean’s surface in order to catch and kill small fish for consumption.

Squids and octopuses

Squid and octopuses are other animals that are a big part of the seal’s diet. Seals usually catch them underwater and afterward bring them to the oceans shore in order to dismember and eat them.


Birds are also preyed upon by seals. Seals eat other types of birds besides penguins and they usually do this by hiding in the ice and when the birds approach the ice, the seals quickly attack and kill them for consumption.

Aquatic crustaceans, mollusks and various other marine animals

Seals also feed on other aquatic creatures and marine animals such as lobsters and crabs. They usually carah these animals with their powerful jaws and eat them up.

Do seals eat people?

No really, seals do not feed on people however they can attack them on occasion and result in death. There has been an instance whereby a leopard seal caught a biologist who was snorkeling and held him under water for 6 mins, 200 feet deep under the ocean water resulting in his death.

You should therefore be extra cautious and not approach seals.

How do seals stalk penguins?

Seals are very fast swimmers as compared to penguins and use this advantage to hunt and eat penguins. Seals possess special swimming features such as a reptile-like face that provides them with an aerodynamic body. 

They also have webbed flippers and can swim up to speeds of 18mph as compared to penguins with a top speed of 4 to 7 mph. Seals usually hide in the waters and patiently wait for penguins to pass by so that they can hunt them down over short distances.

After getting hold of the penguin, they will beat it against the surface of the water or the shoreline until the penguin is tired and can no longer fight for its life. Then the seals carry the penguin to the shore where they dismember and eat it.

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In this brief article we have answered the question,” Do seals eat penguins?” We explained which species of seals eat penguins. We also looked at how seals hunt penguins and what other animals besides penguins seals eat. We also discussed if seals eat humans and how they stalk penguins.


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