Do racoons eat birds?

This brief article will answer the questions: do racoons eat birds, what is the natural diet of a racoon, what is a racoon, where do they live, what kind of birds do racoons eat, and what is the ecological importance of racoons?

Do racoons eat birds?

Yes, racoons feed on birds. Though they do not feed on every bird, they are quite selective and feed on easy-to-catch birds like chickens and other small birds. 

Their diet mainly consists of meat. They also feed on bird eggs as they are also a good source of nutrition. 

What kinds of birds do racoons eat?

Racoons eat:

  • Ground birds. These are birds that can’t fly. They include chickens, ducks, and peacocks. They are an excellent prey as they cannot be able to fly away and also defend themselves. 
  • Baby birds. These are young juvenile birds that are not yet able to fly. Racoons climb trees and are able to find nests that contain juvenile birds. Birds are a good snack as they present a lot of nutrients per meal. 

What is the natural diet of a racoon?

Racoons are carnivores and have over the years evolved to also consume plants. They are gatherers and rarely hunt. They feed on 

  • Fruits. They gather fruits such as apples, berries, bananas, and many more. Fruits are a good source of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the day to day metabolic activities. They are also hydrants and good sources of dietary fiber. 
  • Fish. racoons are good swimmers and they also feed on fish. Fish are an excellent source of proteins and are also a readily available meal if there is a river nearby. They feed on small fish such as herrings and tilapia. 
  • Insects. These are the most versatile and the most important species in the world. Insects play a major role in the ecosystem as they help in the growth of plants. Small insects such as grasshoppers, and bugs are a ready meal for racoons. 
  • Reptiles. Small reptiles such as lizards, chameleons, and snakes are good snacks for racoons. They are available freely in the wild and can easily be caught at night as the racoons are nocturnal. 
  • Eggs and birds. Racoons tend to feed on birds and their eggs. Eggs are a great source of proteins and other essential elements that are needed in the body of racoons. Birds are also a good source of meat for racoons. 

Racoons have evolved digestive systems that tend to squeeze the most nutrients out of the foods eaten. Their diet is mainly controlled by their current habitat as most urban racoons tend to also feed on human food. 

What are racoons?

Raccoons are mammals of the family Procyonidae. They have a length of 40-70 centimeters and a body weight from 5-26kgs. They have gray fur that is white and black on the tails and face. They contain an underfur that keeps them warm during winter. 

They are omnivorous and feed both on vegetation and meat. They are nocturnal and they only eat at night. They are very intelligent and have a memory lasting about 3 years. They live in forests, mountainous areas, coastal marshes, and urban areas. 

Where do racoons live?

Racoons tend to live in dens. These dens can be identified as shallow caves, ground burrows, barns, muskrat houses, abandoned houses, haystacks, dense clumps of cattail, and rock crevices. They live in packs. They are also known to make homes as their homes for example chimneys, attics, and porches. 

What is the importance of racoons in the ecosystem?

They are beneficial to us as they are scavengers and they feed on many pest species such as insects and decomposing materials. They are also hunted for food and their coat which is used as a pelt. 

They also play an important role in the ecosystem by aiding in the flow of energy and nutrients. This is because raccoons are scavengers and feed on rotting material thus promoting the breakdown of nutrients that are later released as feces. 


This brief article has answered the questions: do racoons eat birds, what is the natural diet of a racoon, what is a racoon, where do they live, what kind of birds do racoons eat, and what is the ecological importance of racoons?