Do raccoons eat cats?

This cat blog will answer the major question, “Do raccoons eat cats?” we will also cover the reasons why raccoons attack cats, how you can protect your cats from raccoons, and whether cats can win in a fight with raccoons.

Do raccoons eat cats?

Yes, raccoons do eat cats. Raccoons attack and eat kittens and small cats. They also attack small pets like dogs, rabbits, and other small animals in the wild. You should protect your cat because raccoons are nocturnal and attack at night so you need to keep your cats inside at night.

What are the reasons for raccoons attacking cats?

Following are the reasons for raccoons attacking cats:


Raccoons are wild animals. The food in the wild is scarce so it is the survival of the fittest. The raccoons are in search of food at night because they are nocturnal animals. They have excellent sniffing ability so they will make their way to your doorstep if you have the food on the balcony or the doorstep. 

You need to keep this in mind if you are living in a place where raccoons are common.


The raccoons are well aware of their survival in the wild. If they feel the threat, they will attack your cat. If your cat happens to become a threat in any way the raccoons will attack your cat. 

The major reason is the protection of the babies by female raccoons. The mother raccoons will kill your cat instantly if your cat tries to harm the babies of the raccoon’s family.

Territory marking

It is very less but still found in wild raccoons. Wild raccoons of big size will mark their territory and will attack your cat if the cat happens to enter the territory.

Territory marking is an old habit of the wild animal because the land and the food in the wild is limited.


The last reason is the fight between the cat and the raccoons. It can happen that your cat saw the raccoons eating its food. Your cat will try to protect its food by indulging in the fight with the raccoons. 

The raccoons will attack and will try to defend themselves. Make sure you do not keep the food of the cat exposed in the yard where raccoons can easily find it and eat it.

Can cats win a fight with the raccoons?

It depends upon several factors. The first one is the size of the raccoons. If the cats and raccoons are of equal size then no matter how fast a cat is, the raccoons will kill it because of its exceptional survival skills.

If the cat is big in size then there is a win-win situation for your cat, otherwise, raccoons are best at killing your cat instantly.

How can you protect your cat from raccoon attacks?

Following are the ways by which you can protect your cat from raccoon attacks:

  • The first thing is to install motion sensors to detect the movement in your yard. 
  • You can also install sound devices that will make a sound when something enters the yard.
  • You should keep your cat indoors at night as most raccoons attack at night due to their nocturnal habit.
  • You should keep the food inside at night so that the raccoon doesn’t find food there and eat it.
  • You should feed your cat in the daytime and avoid it at night in the yard.
  • You should also cover all the holes in the yard fence so that the raccoon doesn’t enter the yard in any way.
  • You should also use a fence that is strong and deeply buried so that the raccoon cannot make its way.

Can raccoons and cats get along with each other?

Yes, raccoons and cats can get along with each other if a suitable environment is provided for both. The major thing is the introduction of cats to raccoons. Both are different species and both love to eat more and more. 

The food competition can lead to a fight between the two species. If both are provided enough food for their survival then it would be possible for them to get along with each other in peace.

Can cats eat raccoons?

Cats are obligate carnivores. They love to eat meat but a domestic cat who has eaten dry and wet kibble will be less likely to eat raw meat. The cats in the wild will eat raw meat because their stomach is adapted to digest it.


In this cat blog, we answered the main question, “Do raccoons eat cats?” we also covered the reasons why raccoons attack cats, how you can protect your cats from raccoons, and whether cats can win in a fight with raccoons.