Do rabbits eat their poop?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “Do rabbits eat their poop?” with an in-depth analysis of whether or not rabbits eat their poop. Moreover, we are going to discuss whether or not you should stop your rabbit from consuming feces. 

Do rabbits eat their poop?

Yes, rabbits eat their poop. In other words, they consume and digest their waste twice. Bunnies produce two distinct types of excrement: soft, black cecotropes that are consumed and tiny, spherical, black droppings. Coprophagy is the term for this action, which has a similar purpose to cows chewing their cud.

How Does Coprophagia Work?

Consuming excrement results in coprophagia. For most humans, the idea of an animal engaging in such behavior is very unnerving, but other animals, like rabbits, do so for very good reasons. 

Coprophagia is typical, healthy behavior in rabbits, but it is typically discouraged in other animals, such as dogs, due to the lack of health advantages and level of owner disgust.

What Sort of Poo Rabbits Eat?

Just like people and other animals, rabbits regularly expel feces. If enough fiber and water are not consumed, feces will no longer leave from a rabbit in the customary round pellet shape. While a rabbit is moving around or using the bathroom during the day, feces is produced; nevertheless, a rabbit does not swallow these pellets.

Rabbits emit a unique kind of dung at night in addition to the typical fecal pellets they generate during the day. Cecotropes, also known as night feces, is a particular type of feces that differs from typical rabbit stools.

Cecotropes, which are softer and stickier and are typically not even noticed by a rabbit owner because a rabbit frequently eats them practically as soon as they leave the body, By fermenting the food that a rabbit eats, the cecum, a section of the rabbit’s intestinal tract, produces cecotropes. 

The only time a rabbit can create them is at night, thus it is common to see the animal consuming them in the early morning or late at night. Cecotropes are typically only visible in a rabbit’s cage or on its fur when the animal is unwell and not eating cecotropes as a result.

Why do rabbits eat their feces?

Cecotropes are brimming with the nutrition a rabbit needs. The cecotropes a rabbit consumes (together with a nutritious diet) provide it with all the essential nutrients it needs to maintain good health because these unique feces are higher in protein and vitamins than regular poop. 

Cecotrope consumption by rabbits at night or in the early morning is entirely natural, but eating their regular feces during the day is not.

What to Look for If Your Rabbit Is Eating Poop?

There are a few important clues you may look for if you’re unsure whether your rabbit eats its waste.

First, look at the back of your bunny. A rabbit typically has a clean behind because it consumes cecotropes as they leave the body, even though they are soft and sticky. Your rabbit isn’t consuming its cecotropes if there are tiny, mushy, sticky feces remnants on its fur. If none of these soft poop is present, your rabbit is likely ingesting them as it should be.

Check your rabbit’s sleeping area’s litter box and cage floor next. Your rabbit is likely eating its cecotropes if all of the excrement that is there is spherical and normal.

Third, keep an eye on your rabbit at dawn or late at night. It is consuming its cecotropes if you observe it licking the area below its tail and cleaning its hind end.

Should you stop your rabbit from consuming feces?

No! A rabbit may be deficient in certain nutrients if it is unable to consume its cecotropes, which are essential for the efficient functioning of its unique digestive system. 1 Don’t bother your rabbit if you observe it cleaning its back end.

What happens if your rabbit isn’t eating its waste?

If your rabbit isn’t consuming its cecotropes, there is probably a deeper issue at play. This could be something as simple as your rabbit’s cecotropes being out of reach due to obesity or arthritis, or it could be something more serious like digestion or another medical issue.

Transformation may be beneficial for some rabbits that haven’t gotten enough nutrition from their cecotropes. To restore a healthy intestinal system in a sick rabbit, cecotropes from a healthy rabbit are fed to the ill rabbit in this situation.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question, “Do rabbits eat their poop?” with an in-depth analysis of whether or not rabbits eat their poop. Moreover, we discussed whether or not you should stop your rabbit from consuming feces.