Do rabbits eat meat?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “Do rabbits eat meat?” and provide information on why rabbits should not eat meat, the diet of wild and domesticated rabbits, whether rabbits are carnivorous as well as whether they eat their babies.

Do rabbits eat meat?

Yes, rabbits do eat meat. However, this is very rare. The body of rabbits cannot digest meat. As a result, if a rabbit eats meat, it can become sick. 

A rabbit’s body is designed to consume fibrous foods like veggies or hay. They can consume only a limited amount of protein that comes from pellets. 

Wild rabbits are herbivores. There are very rare instances of rabbits eating their own young ones.

Why should rabbits not eat meat?

Meat does not contain any fiber. This makes it difficult for a rabbit’s digestive system to eat them. Meat is also high in fat which can increase the risk of rabbits gaining weight.

You can give a very small piece of meat to rabbits but avoid giving them more than that. When meat is given to rabbits, they might chew on the meat and rarely swallow it. It can get difficult if rabbits develop a taste for meat, so it is recommended to keep them away from meat.

If your rabbit wants to eat meat, it is usually because they are curious about trying it. They would not have experienced the flavor of meat because of which they might feel like eating them.

What should you do if your rabbit accidentally eats meat?

If your rabbit has accidentally consumed meat, it would be better to watch them for 1-2 days. Observe whether there are symptoms like stomach aches or runny stools. If there are some behavior changes present, you should immediately show your rabbit to a vet.

What do wild rabbits eat?

Wild rabbits are herbivores and commonly feed on grass. Rabbits need a sufficient amount of grass to survive. Wild rabbits might even eat flowers and fresh fruits. As a result, many wild rabbits are seen as pests.

Rabbits can even build their homes closer to a food source. During winter, rabbits change their diet slightly. As trees and plants dry out during winter, rabbits can chew on twigs and branches.

What do pet rabbits eat?

Pet rabbits can eat pellets. Pellets contain good amounts of minerals and vitamins. Adult rabbits can be weaned from pellets if you want to give them hay.

Hay is an important part of a rabbit’s diet. Adult rabbits need a combination of hay, fruits, and veggies. 

Fresh fruits and veggies can be given to pet rabbits too. Avoid feeding them veggies more than 2 pounds of body weight.

Can rabbit pellets be fed to rabbits?

Rabbit pellets have a combination of calcium and protein. Pellets can be given to young rabbits as it helps in bone growth. They can eat pellets till they are 6 months old.

Rabbit pellets are however low in fiber. As a result, adult rabbits should not be given many rabbit pellets. The low fiber in pellets can cause rabbits to have colon issues as a rabbit’s gut is equipped to eat high-fiber foods.

Hay can be a good source of fiber. So, if you want to give a combination of fiber and calcium to rabbits, give them hay with a bit of pellets.

Are rabbits carnivorous?

No, rabbits are not carnivorous. Some species of hares are carnivorous but hares are different from rabbits. Both rabbits and hares belong to different species.

Snowshoe hares are a good example of hares feeding on the carcasses of animals. However, they feed on plants too. A rabbit’s teeth are not that sharp when eating meat. Hares can feed on leftovers from animals too.

Can rabbits eat their young ones?

There are very rare instances of rabbits eating their young ones. A rabbit can eat their babies especially if they are stillborn. 

A rabbit might suffer from nutritional issues and have young ones to correct this issue. This can be very rare.

If a rabbit is very scared, it can eat its babies to prevent predators from coming to them. Eating their babies can remove traces of their presence. Confused rabbits can end up eating their young ones. If your rabbit has eaten their young ones, avoid breeding them.

Some individuals believe that rabbits eat their young ones if they come into contact with humans but this is not simply true. Rabbits come to know if humans have touched their babies but most of the time it does not impact the mother’s behavior towards their babies.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “Do rabbits eat meat?” and provided information on why rabbits should not eat meat, the diet of wild and domesticated rabbits, whether rabbits are carnivorous as well as whether they eat their babies.


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