Do people eat snakes?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “do people eat snakes?” We will also discuss how snake meat tastes and how to cook it. Moreover, we will address whether snake meat is good for you.

Do people eat snakes?

Yes, people do eat snakes. Snakes are eaten on special occasions in some cultures as a delicacy.. In other cultures, snakes are eaten as a part of a traditional diet.

Philippines, Thailand, and China are the few cultures that consume snakes.In China, the snake is often cooked in soup or stir-fried. In Thailand, the snake is usually served grilled or in a curry. 

In Vietnam, the snake is often eaten as a part of a noodle dish. In the Philippines, snakes are often cooked in a stew or soup.

Eating snakes are considered to be good for health in many cultures. Snake meat is eaten in these cultures due to its high protein and low fats in its meat. 

Which snakes are edible?

There are four species of snake that can be eaten namely milk snakes, garter snakes, rat snakes, and boa constrictors. All four of these species are found in tropical and subtropical regions, and all four are non-venomous. 

Rat snakes are a popular food item in many parts of the world. Their flesh is tender and the meat tastes delicious. Many people enjoy eating rat snakes because they are a healthy and nutritious meal. 

The calorie level is low as well as its fat content making it best for those trying to shed weight and maintain a healthy one.

Garter snakes are a type of snake that is found in North America. They are small to medium-sized snakes, and they can be either brightly colored or dull-colored.  Some cultures restrict them to just pets while others eat them.

Some people believe that milk snakes have medicinal properties and can help treat various ailments, while others simply enjoy the taste of snake meat. 

All four of these species are typically hunted and eaten by humans in the same way. First, the snake is killed, usually by being clubbed or stabbed. Next, the snake is skinned, and the meat is cut into small strips. The meat is then cooked, typically by being fried.

What does snake meat taste like?

In general, snake meat is said to have a light, delicate flavor with a slightly sweet taste. The taste is said to have similarities with that of chicken. Some people compare the taste of snake meat to chicken because of its light flavor. 

Snake meat is also said to taste more like fish because of its slightly sweet taste. Snake meat taste is also influenced by the snake species. For example, rattlesnake meat is said to have a stronger flavor than other types of snake meat.

Is snake meat good for you?

Snake meat is rich in proteins like many types of meat. Snake meat is also not on a glycemic index and does not have carbohydrates. The benefits of eating snakes are less compared to the risks. Eating snake meat exposes you to foodborne illnesses.

There are always cases of food poisoning when snake meat is not cooked well because of toxin and bacteria contamination. Some people may be allergic to snake meat and can experience severe reactions, including anaphylaxis, which can be life-threatening. 

Snake meat can also be a source of infection, particularly if it is not cooked properly. These infections are different for everyone, some might be severe while for others are mild infections. It can also be life threatening if medical attention is not sought quickly.

How do you cook snake meat?

Most households that eat snake meat fry it.  The first step is cutting the meat into smaller pieces and then seasoning it with spices of your choice. 

You can then use flour to coat the whole meat. Light your cooker and set the heat at medium and place a pan on top ready for frying. Add the oil and let it heat till hot then add the coated meat to it. Let it cook while flipping each. 

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In this brief guide, we have answered the question, “Do people eat snakes?” We also discussed the snakes that are edible and addressed how to cook snake meat.

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