Do people eat horses

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “Do people eat horses?”. We will also discuss why people eat horses, in which countries it is eaten, the taste of horse meat as well as the consequences of eating horse meat.

Do people eat horses?

Yes, people eat horses as a source of animal protein in several countries in the world as a primary part of their diets.

Whereas in other countries eating horse meat is considered an environmental disaster and a taboo. 

The main debate and controversy regarding eating horse meat arise about 2 main points:

  • The ethical and social acceptance of eating this friendly, intelligent animal that has always helped humans in everyday life activities in several ways and purposes.
  • The treatment of horses during the slaughtering and transportation process without following the health standards as most of this meat will be exported.

Where do people eat horses?

Horses have been historically known around the world for being friendly and intelligent animals that helped humans in different domains.

For this reason, several countries, mainly the USA, have banned and not regulated the slaughtering of such types of meat and consider it illegal.

While on the other hand, the European Union is considered the largest consumer in the world of horse meat and animal protein where it produces the majority of such types of meat and eating such types is legislated and socially acceptable

In this context, several countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico have slaughterhouses that produce and export large quantities of horse meat not only to the EU but also to the United States. 

The export process of horse meat to the USA has prevented the federal and state agencies from imposing heavy fines.

Even though many EU nations do not eat horse meat, some countries do such as:

  • Belgium
  • China
  • Canada

Why do people eat horses?

Horsemeat is rich in protein, and poor in fat and sodium. It has low cholesterol content compared to other types of meat such as beef which makes a lot of people in the previously mentioned countries accept eating it to benefit from these features. 

Other than the legal ban of horse meat in some countries and social rejection of eating it, medical concerns arise regarding the danger of eating this type of animal protein. This is due to a medicine called phenylbutazone which is given to horses but leads to severe complications and consequences in humans.

What is the taste of horse meat?

Even though horse meat is not as popular as beef meat, people who eat such types of meat consider that it has an intense red colour, good sweet taste, and a tender texture compared to beef meat which makes it a premium choice for steak and sausages.

Away from these features, horse meat can not be distinguished from beef meat since it has a high protein content and rich nutritional value without any significant health risks. 

What are the consequences of eating horse meat?

Away from the ethical and social acceptance of adding horse meat to your meals, the nutritional content, delicate texture, and juicy taste of such type of meat make this animal protein source a premium choice in many countries. 

However, the history of horse meat is difficult to trace since these animals are not usually farmed as protein livestock which reflects on the safety of eating this animal meat.

Based on this fact, it is hard to detect or know in advance before consumption whether a horse is sick and has a potentially life-threatening illness or carries any pathogenic microorganism to humans. 

Besides, it is also obscure if the horse before slaughtering was on medication, a dangerous type of drug that is not safe for humans and leads to harmful effects. 

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In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “Do people eat horses?” We have also discussed why people eat horses, in which countries in the world, the taste of horse meat as well as the consequences of eating horse meat.

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