Do monkeys eat meat?

In this article we are going to answer do monkeys eat meat, what are monkeys, what is meat, what type of diet monkeys eat, and can you have monkeys as pets. 

Do monkeys eat meat?

Yes, monkeys have an omnivorous diet like humans, they eat plants and animals as food. Not all monkeys eat meat. Those who eat meat usually have a diet based on fruits, nuts and some meat such as lizards and bird eggs. The monkeys that do eat meats include


They are tiny squirrel size monkeys that eat reptiles and amphibians such as frogs and lizards. 


Eat some types of fish such as cichlids, snakes, hares, antelopes, and even sheep and goats. 


Can eat squirrels, coatis, frogs, and lizards.


Can eat birds, squirrels, coatis, adult frogs, and lizards. Of all primates, chimpanzees are the monkeys that consume more meat than any other monkey. 

What are monkeys?

Monkey is the name used to refer to all mammals of the family of Simians. Some monkeys live in trees and are experts at climbing from tree to tree while others live on the ground. 

There are about 200 species of monkeys that live in tropical forests. Monkeys are known for their similarity to humans because they have large brains and intelligence. They are good at solving problems and learning. Especially the capuchins’ monkeys can use objects as tools or baboons can learn how to obtain food. 

They are very social animals that live in large groups that consist of several females and one or several males. Female monkeys are very similar to female humans, they can breastfeed their babies and have menstrual cycles. 

Some examples of some species of monkeys include

  • Baboons monkey
  • Mandrills monkey
  • Guenons monkey
  • Langurs monkey
  • Macaques monkey
  • Gorillas monkey
  • Grivet monkey
  • Spider monkey
  • Howler monkey
  • Night monkey
  • Squirrel monkey
  • Marmoset monkey
  • Tamarins monkey

What is meat?

Meat is defined as animal flesh that is eaten as food by humans and other species. Meat is mainly composed of water, protein, and fat. It is edible raw but the recommendation is to eat it cooked for humans. Animals can eat raw meat without any problem. 

Meat refers to the skeletal muscle and flesh of pigs, cattle, sheep, cows, lambs, kangaroos, and goats. It can also refer to other skeletal muscles of other animals such as reptiles, birds, rats, rabbits, squirrels, and others.

Animal meatIs called
SheepLamb or mutton
Domesticated birdsPoultry
Deer Venison

What type of diet do monkeys eat?

Monkeys are omnivores that include a variety of food such as nuts, fruits, seeds, eggs, insects, lizards, leaves, and more. There are more than 300 species of monkeys and their diet vary depending on the species. 

Monkeys have adapted to eat according to where they live and the food available depending on the weather and season. To be more specific, wild monkeys can eat 

Frugivore and Omnivore speciesBananasMangoesBerriesPomesDrupesOther fruitsGrassleavesFlowersBudsSeedsGum Nectar
Insectivore, omnivore, and carnivoreInsectsSnailsFrogsOther invertebrates
Omnivores and carnivoresBirds eggsBirdsLizardsBatsSquirrelsOther mammals
Domesticated monkeysFruitHumans FoodMilk

Can you have monkeys as pets?

Yes, monkeys can be petted but not all species of monkeys can be domesticated. In the USA it depends on the laws of each state. For example, Montana and Georgia prohibit monkeys as pets while Ohio permits Spider monkeys only as service animals. 

The most common monkey for selling as pets is the Marmoset monkey. According to several specialists on monkeys, they are not supposed to be pets because they do not know how to live alone without their group.

Monkeys that do not have a special diet and are not in their natural surroundings can have severe health issues. 

Follow this link for 8 monkey breeds that are kept as pets. 


This article answers do monkeys eat meat, what are monkeys, what is meat, what type of diet monkeys eat, and can you have monkeys as pets. 


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