Do Indian people eat pork?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “Do Indians eat pork?”. We will also talk about what meat Indian people eat and the cultural belief behind it.

Do Indian people eat pork?

Yes, Indians eat pork depending on their religious belief, demography, and availability. But not all Indians eat pork though as pork is considered to be dirty, unhygienic, and impure.

Pork has been a part of cuisine in some areas of India such as the states of Goa, Kerala, Karnataka, and Northeast India. In these places, pork is a common ingredient and is devoured from snout to tail without wasting a single body part of the pig.

In the hilly region of Karnataka state, a place called Coorg is inhabited by Kodava people who love their pork. The pandi curry, a pork dish that contains bird’s eye chilli, green masala paste, ground spices, and a dark, viscous vinegar made from the garcinia gummi-gutta fruit is their signature dish that anyone that has tried will definitely want more of it.

Certain religions like the Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, and some Hindus abstain from consuming pork and other meat too.  

Evidence of pork being part of the food culture has been mentioned in a 12th-century text called Manasollasa where there are instructions on how to prepare a pig carcass and make them into sunthakas (roasted pork steaks).

Hindus make up 80 percent of the 1.4 billion population in India and they are not religiously prohibited from eating pork but many Hindus abstain from eating meat or certain kinds of their own religious belief.

Muslims make up 14.6 percent of the 1.4 billion population of India and they are forbidden to consume pork as it is considered impure in Islam.

As pigs are natural scavengers and would eat anything from human excreta to their own faeces, pigs are considered dirty, unhygienic, and impure, which is the reason why pork is not that popular of a choice even though Hindus are not prohibited from eating pork.

Pork eating culture is on a rise in cities in India as there are pork loving online forums growing, that organise dinners and lunches to promote pork eating culture.

In India alone, in 2021, some 295,000 metric tonnes of pork were consumed which simply says that Indians eat pork.

Modern pig farms are also growing in Punjab and Haryana as the demand for pork is on the rise. There are two types of pork eaten in India, one is the local Indian grey or black pigs and the other is the English Yorkshire breeds.

The restaurants and hotels serve an array of pork dishes from breakfast to dinners which is a sign that eating pork is not a sin in India and Indians love their pork.

Are Indians vegetarians?

Not all Indians are vegetarians. It depends on their religious belief and the lifestyle choices they make. The majority of Indians follow some sort of restrictions on the meat in their diets including refraining from eating certain meats, not eating meats on certain days, or both.

Most Indians do not abstain from meat in their diets. Some Hindus refrain from eating meat as the religion is against violence and killing beings for food, but this is not the case with all Hindus. They also do not eat beef as cows are said to be sacred in religious texts. 

Other meat options are open for Hindus to consume as it does not restrict them from eating in any religious text.

Which religions in India prohibit pork?

Muslims are only prohibited to eat pork as it is anti-Islam consume pork. Other than that, Muslims can eat any other type of meat and meat products. 

Hindu texts do not mention prohibiting the eating of pork. Jain and Sikhs also do not eat pork or any kind of meat as it is said to be impure for their religious belief.

What meat is popular in India?

Indians eat a lot of chicken and goat meat as they are found to be farmed and are considered hygienic. Of all six major religions in India, chicken and goat meat are not prohibited as such. 

Other meat options include lamb, duck, freshwater fish, and kinds of seafood. Apart from Hindus and Buddhists, beef is also popular amongst Muslims and Christians living in India.


In this brief guide, we answered the query, “Do Indian people eat pork?”. We also talked about what meat Indian people eat and the cultural belief behind it.

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