Do hippos eat meat?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Do hippos eat meat?” and also answer related questions about their feeding habits.

Do hippos eat meat?

Sometimes. Long thought of as a herbivorous mammal, the hippopotamus now occasionally eats meat. Short grass is the primary food source for hippos. 

They are herbivorous creatures that can trek five kilometres for food and graze for five hours or more per night. Each day, they may eat many pounds of food.

What do baby hippos eat?

Baby hippos’ diets should be given special consideration because they can dehydrate more quickly than their mothers. On the other hand, their moms will not produce milk to support the survival of their young if they do not obtain adequate food. 

For the first six months of life, infants solely consume milk. Therefore, they will begin consuming some plants after that time.

For six months after birth, newborn hippos eat just breast milk before switching to vegetables. Baby hippos must consume their mother’s faeces to build a healthy bacterial flora that enables them to digest food. 

When feeding, they must take care to stay inside the confines of their home range to avoid being pursued by predators.

Why do hippos eat what they do?

Despite being readily available for ingestion when they are in the water to cool down, they hardly ever consume the plants. Only when there is a shortage of food out of the water do they do it more diligently, according to experts, who don’t understand why.

We tend to believe that the hippopotamus consumes meat because of its size, mouth, and strong teeth, even though it is a herbivore. 

It would be quite challenging for him to hunt other living animals for food because he is a pretty slow animal outside of water.

Hippos have been known to commit cannibalism, though. They can eat young, old, and sick hippos if their existence depends on eating members of their race.

Hippos also consume dead animals and tiny animals that they come across when they are unable to get the greenery they require to maintain a balanced diet. According to several scientists, the food that hippos consume has the power to drastically alter their ecosystem.

The hippopotamus, a very hefty mammal that can change the flow of water in lakes and rivers, makes noticeable markings when it forages. Even if it takes a lot of time, it has been discovered that this phenomenon is more frequently encountered in areas with hippos.

Hippos are animals that require a lot of water to exist and rapidly dehydrate while on land. The hippopotamus may experience severe health issues if it must be driven out of the water for longer than five hours each day to obtain food.

What makes up the majority of the hippos’ diet?

Hippos do not eat while they are in the water and are not known to consume aquatic plants; instead, they graze on the land.  They favour little green shoots and rushes, as well as short, low-lying grass. 

However, they tend to avoid larger grasses that are more difficult to digest. Instead, they may search for underground roots or fruit. They will consume other vegetation if it is present. The hippopotamus has a diet that is quite low in nutrients and is yet able to survive. 

Hippos have a multi-chambered stomach and a considerably longer intestinal tract than other grass eaters because they are not ruminants like many other grazing mammals. 

The animal obtains the most nutrients from the grass it eats thanks to its slower pace of digestion. During feeding, the canines and incisors in the front of a hippo’s mouth, which may grow up to 20 centimetres long, become sharp.

Who or what eats hippos?

The only other predator of hippos, besides people, are lions, which hunt them in packs and consume them. Hippos have huge, pointed canines and herbivorous teeth that they employ to fight off would-be predators. 

Their size makes them tough for other animals to hunt. The hippopotamus does, however, cohabit alongside several powerful predators. Young hippos have been preyed upon by crocodiles, lions, and hyenas.


In this short article, we answered the question “Do hippos eat meat?” and have also answered related questions about their feeding habits.