Do foxes eat small dogs?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question, “Do foxes eat small dogs?” We will also discuss when do fox eat small dogs.

Do foxes eat small dogs?

No, it is very unusual for foxes to attack and eat dogs. Nevertheless, foxes have occasionally attacked young dogs or small dogs in yards and gardens in recent years. Overall, a fox would avoid dogs, but if one did approach and corner them, they might defend themselves.

In the end, a fox is very unlikely to attack a dog, especially a tiny dog, unless the dog is sick and cornered. Since foxes often avoid canines, it is more likely that your dog will chase and attack a fox than the other way around.

When do foxes eat small dogs?

Foxes rarely attack and eat dogs. However, there can be some reasons that can drive foxes to attack and eat dogs. Some of them are discussed below:

To defend their kids from a dog’s threat

If the fox was guarding a newborn litter of foxes, that is one of the most likely scenarios in which it might attack a dog. Foxes only have one litter per year, and they are very devoted to their offspring. 

The female fox, sometimes known as the vixen, frequently stays with the young while the male foxes go hunting. Foxes naturally construct their dens or nests as homes, and it is in these that they give birth to their young. 

The newborns are shielded from the outdoors and predators by these enclosures. Foxes like to construct their dens under porches, decks, or sheds, among other places.

In metropolitan settings, these man-made structures are perfect for fox dens, but of course, that could bring them into close proximity with canines. Your dog can be at risk if a fox chooses to establish her nest on your property.

A vixen can be highly aggressive when defending her young. The fox may attack your dog if it approaches or perhaps enters the den area. Always keep your dog on a leash, and contact animal control. You can resume caring for your dog normally once the foxes have been eliminated.

If the fox is hungry it may eat a small dog

Foxes are most active in the morning and just after sunset. Foxes hunt every day, although they don’t always succeed in catching anything. It’s probable that a hungry fox would attack your tiny dog if it came across it at these times. foxes have also reportedly been seen eating puppies, according to reports.

Keeping your animals on a leash for their first and last excursions outside throughout the day is the best defence against a fox attacking or devouring a small dog or puppy. Never leave a puppy or small dog in your yard unsupervised.

If your property is fenced in, conduct routine perimeter inspections to make sure that foxes aren’t digging into it from the outside.

If the fox feels threatened it may attack a small dog

If startled, any animal may strike. It’s likely that the fox didn’t anticipate your dog’s approach if it happened to get into close contact with one. Foxes don’t typically hunt prey that is half their size, but if they are surprised, they may attack. In situations like this, a fox may bite your dog.

If the fox has rabies

One of the most frequent rabies vectors is the fox. Rabies is a fatal illness that affects mammals’ nervous systems and results in death. It is spread through saliva and is infectious. Your dog can be bitten by an infected fox and contract the deadly disease as a result.

However, it’s not as serious of a problem as you might imagine because rabies has all but been eradicated from places like the UK and Australia, with the exception of a few bats and perhaps even flying foxes (a bat species).

How can I protect my small dog from a fox?

There are steps you may take to safeguard your small dog against a potential attack if you are concerned that a fox would attack it:

  • When you take your dog on an off-leash stroll or let him out in the backyard, attach a bear bell to his collar.
  • Rabies vaccinations are beneficial for the majority of domestic pets. Vaccinate your dog to eliminate the threat of rabies from a fox bite.
  • Set up ultrasonic animal deterrents. This little device is easy to set up and operates by making noises and flashing lights that humans can’t hear but that annoy foxes and other pests.
  • If there is a ready supply of food, foxes will also frequently visit your property. Keep your dog’s food out of your garden or yard to avoid this because it will attract foxes who are hungry.


We answered the question, “Do foxes eat small dogs?” We also discussed when do fox eat small dogs.


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