Do fish eat frogs?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “Do fish eat frogs?”. We will talk more about what types of fish eat frogs and what other animals eat frogs.

Do fish eat frogs?

Yes, fish that are carnivorous and omnivorous and are predatory in nature eat frogs. Many species of fish would prey on frogs as their feed and in some instances go as far as changing their habits to include frogs as a  meal in their diet.

Not all species of fish eat frogs or rather meat. Some fish species are herbivores that live off plants and weeds. But there are a few fish species that will go all-in to prey on frogs. Here we will talk more about those fish species.

Chain pickerel

Chain pickerels are extensive predators in their habitat. They are an opportunistic feeder and would eat anything that comes in front of them. They hunt for frogs where they live or hibernate in between the weeds in shallow waters.

These fish are equipped with rows of sharps, needle-like teeth, and a bullet-shaped body which helps them manoeuvre between aquatic plants to catch unsuspecting frogs.


Walleyes prey on leopard frogs when they migrate for hibernation during September and october. During this time, the walleye are found around the deeper parts of the lake where they can intercept the migrating frog to hunt them for food.

Channel catfish

These fish have taste buds distributed all over the external body which makes them the elite predators for frogs as they can taste the frog swimming nearby before it can see it. Channel catfish prey on the frogs when they are coming out of hibernation. 

Channel catfish feed on leopard frogs and bullfrogs for two to three months.

Yellow perch

Yellow perch are opportunistic feeders who would eat anything that comes in front of them. Frogs are no exception, if a frog is nearby and the yellow perch is hungry, it would definitely hunt it down and feed on frogs.

These fish during the winter months when the food is scarce would swim deep to the bottom where they find the hibernating frogs and eat them.


Lake-dwelling trouts are more likely to feed on frogs as frogs are easy to find. Frogs are a significant and steady part of the trout’s diet.

Largemouth bass

The largemouth bass is an aggressive feeder and would feed on frogs as they are found around the edges of the pond or lake. These species of fish are well known for preying on frogs.

Smallmouth bass

This variety of bass is not very picky eaters. They prey on frogs and would eat anything that would fit in their mouth.

Northern pike

During the winter months, when the frogs are hibernating, this species of fish would feed on fish. The northern pikes are opportunistic feeders and would hunt and prey on anything that moves in front of them.

What are the predators of frogs?

Frogs are vulnerable to predators on the ground, underwater, and from the skies. Some of the predators that feed on frogs apart from fish are discussed here.


Reptiles are one of the main predators of frogs. Reptile species such as lizards, snakes, and aquatic animals hunt and feed on frogs. The snakes feed on frogs, they swallow them whole as they do not have teeth.

The lizards such as chameleons, bearded dragons, iguanas, and monitor lizards eat frogs. The snapping turtles and alligators also prey on frogs.


Small mammals such as skunks, foxes, raccoons, monkeys, coyotes, stoats, weasels, mink, badgers, polecats, opossums, pine martens, and water shrews are predators of frogs. Cats and dogs also eat frogs but this is not healthy for them as they can have health issues.


Frogs that share the same habitat as the birds are more likely to be hunted and eaten by them on a regular basis. The birds that eat frogs are crows, seagulls, storks, herons, geese, ravens, hawks, owls, cranes, blue jays, loons, kingfishers, egrets, and ducks.


Frogs are a delicacy in many countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, France, South Africa, parts of Europe, Southern regions of America, and Indonesia. The frog legs are eaten for their nutritional value as they are rich in proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, and potassium which is beneficial for human health.


Frogs are cannibalistic in nature. When there is not much food in their habitat, frogs turn towards eating their own kind. The bigger frogs like the bullfrog, pixie frog, and south American horned frog are known to feed on smaller frogs around them. 


In this brief guide, we answered the query, “Do fish eat frogs?”. We also talked about what types of fish eat frogs and what other animals eat frogs.

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