Do dogs eat homework? 

This dog article will answer the most important question, “Do dogs eat homework?“ we will also talk about the reasons why your dog eats your homework, the factors of interest in dogs eating homework, and what can you do if your dog has eaten your homework. 

Do dogs eat homework? 

Yes, dogs can eat homework. It is very common for dogs to eat non-food items but it is not a healthy habit for your dog. Dogs do not have this as an inborn talent but rather boredom, stress, and lack of attention can trigger such kind of behavior in your dog. 

What are the reasons for dogs eating your homework? 

Following are the major reasons for dogs eating your homework:

Lack of attention 

If you have an important assignment and you spend all day preparing it. You will not have the time to spend with your dog. Your dog will feel anxious and will try to grab your attention. 

For this purpose, he will try to do some weird things like eating your homework to get your attention. 

It is very important that you give attention to your dog because one thing that dogs want badly is to get attention and love from their owners. 


There could be several reasons for stress. It could be because of the weather or the surroundings. 

Any kind of stress can trigger such a habit in your dog but the habit develops over time and not in a single day. You better watch for the trigger signs in your dog. 


Dogs love to chew things around them. If they do not have a chewing toy or a bone then they will try to fulfill the need of chewing from the other objects in the surroundings. 

These could be furniture, bed sheets, and even your homework. Chewing is the inborn habit of your dog and he can’t refrain from it. 

Dogs spent most of their time chewing bones and other toys to fulfill their psychological needs. 

Chewing strengthens the teeth, Jaws, and the muscles of the stomach which adds to the health of your dog. 


Sometimes your dog is hungry and he will feel the urge to eat anything that he can get. 

He will be having your homework for dinner or lunch, so you better be watching your dog. 

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is a rare condition in which your dog will try to eat your homework, but it does happen when your dog is having an episode. 

What harm can eating homework cause to your dog? 

Following harm can paper cause to your dog:

  • Choking
  • Intestinal blockage
  • Stomach upset
  • Toxicity 

What are the factors of interest in dogs eating homework? 

Following are the factors of interest in dogs eating homework:

Large dogs

Large dogs are less susceptible to the hazards of consuming paper because they can easily pass paper out in the feces due to the large intestine. 

Number of paper sheets

If your dog has consumed a small number of paper sheets, there is less chance of developing any condition or toxicity due to paper eating. 

Type of paper

The type of paper also decides whether your dog is safe or not. Suppose your dog has consumed used paper then there is a greater chance of developing toxicity or bacterial infection in your dog than unused paper. 

What can you do if your dog has consumed your homework? 

You should be worried about your dog. You can take a printout of the homework again but if things go wrong with your dog you can’t fix it, so it is very important that you act quickly and swiftly. 

Call your vet and act according to the advice of your vet. 

What can your vet do if your dog has consumed your homework? 

Your vet can quickly run some tests to see if there is anything wrong with the internal organs of the body. 

These tests include complete blood count, LFTs, RFTs, and X-rays to see any type of blockage in the body. 

If there is any kind of blockage in the body, the only solution is surgery to treat your dog. 

What can be the possible outcomes of surgery? 

After performing surgery, your vet will tell you that the foreign body is removed. After that, there is a faster recovery of your dog. There is very less chance that your dog will contract anything dangerous due to surgery provided the surgery is performed well. 


In this brief discussion, we answered our important question, “Can dogs eat homework?” we also talked about the reasons why your dog eats your homework, the factors of interest in dogs eating homework, and what you can do if your dog has eaten your homework. 


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