Do crows eat squirrels? 

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “do crows eat squirrels?”. We will discuss why crows attack squirrels and how squirrels are attacked by crows. In the end, we will understand what characteristics of squirrels make them prey for crows.

Do crows eat squirrels? 

Yes, cows do eat squirrels. Crows often choose squirrels as their preferred and best food source. 

Baby squirrels are far more often consumed by crows than adult squirrels. Because of their increased size and more difficulty to catch, crows avoid mature squirrels.

Squirrels provide easy prey for crows since they are constantly in motion in the treetops, where the crows also like to hang out.

Crows have no qualms about taking the lives of young birds, squirrels, cats, and rodents, such predation is almost in their nature. 

Depending on the situation, a crow may attack or consume a squirrel at any time. Sometimes they will locate a dead or recently dead squirrel, and when they do, they will just consume it. 

On the other side, they may come upon a baby squirrel, which they would then kill and consume. So, yes, crows do consume squirrels, both live and dead.

Why do crows attack squirrels?

Crows and squirrels get along well in nature, but that doesn’t stop crows from attacking and eating squirrels. 

There are two main factors that lead to crows resorting to this strategy of hunting squirrels. The first is for food, while the second is to defend their young from squirrels.

For Safety

Crows are very protective of their young. They make an effort to maintain close proximity to their nests during the breeding season and do not allow anybody else to enter their area.

Eventually, the crows will not show any mercy to any squirrels who wander into their territory and will promptly murder them.

When it rains, squirrels and crows alike find refuge in a nearby tree. They often cross paths, which gives crows many opportunities to attack squirrels.

As Food

Squirrels are easy prey for crows since they are small, fast-moving, and unpredictable.

An assault by a crow on a squirrel is almost always motivated by hunger.

Squirrels are renowned for moving quickly. Due to their size, crows cannot easily target mature squirrels. Crows often target young squirrels because they are simple prey.

How are squirrels attacked by crows?

Crows are a kind of sophisticated birds that hunt deftly and accurately. When a crow attempts to pursue the squirrel or frighten them, you will see the squirrel put up a fight and defend itself. 

Crows have a variety of strategies to increase their chances of successfully capturing their prey.

A group attack

Crows attack squirrels in groups which makes hunting easy for them. When they work together as a group, there is no way they won’t catch the squirrel.

More importantly, when a bunch of crows approaches, the squirrels become frightened and weak, which facilitates easier hunting.

Attack in the same old way

The traditional crow assault on the squirrel occurs. The whole colony of crows all take turns using their pointed beaks to attack the squirrels. When the squirrel gives up in defeat, the crows don’t waste any time devouring it.

Specific target

Crows are intelligent birds that deliberate before acting. The crow chooses its target before hitting squirrels.

They do not approach or attempt to kill an adult squirrel since they are not powerful enough to do so. Because of this, their primary prey consists of young squirrels.

What characteristics of squirrels make them prey for crows?

Ravens feed on squirrels because of certain features.

Delicate meat

Crows, who prey on squirrels, are drawn to them due to the softness of their flesh. 

The soft flash of squirrels is very easy for cows to eat and digest. 

Simple to Attack

Because they are simpler to capture than adult squirrels, crows prefer to target newborn squirrels. Because crows have strong claws and beaks, they are able to effortlessly pick up ground-dwelling rodents like squirrels. 

They brought the injured squirrel back to their den so that they could consume it without being disturbed by anybody else.

Excellent nutritional value

Crows choose to eat squirrels because they are a good source of food for them. They supply healthy fats and protein to crows.


In this brief article, we answered the question “do crows eat squirrels?”. We discussed why crows attack squirrels and how squirrels are attacked by crows. In the end, we understood what characteristics of squirrels make them prey for crows.


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