Do coyotes eat dogs?

This blog will answer the most important question, “Do coyotes eat dogs?” We will also talk about whether coyotes can kill dogs, what types of dogs are attacked by coyotes, and how to protect your dog from coyotes.

Do coyotes eat dogs?

Yes, coyotes can eat dogs. Coyotes are scavengers and they usually feed on the dead remains of animals or humans. They can also attack live animals such as dogs but they are afraid of humans. You should devise ways to protect your dog from coyotes.

What are coyotes?

Coyotes are a canine species. They are native to North America where they live in large populations around the civilized human population. They are slightly smaller than their ancestors, wolves. 

There are 19 recognized subspecies of coyotes. They can adapt themselves to the environment. This is why they are comfortable around the human-modified environment.

What types of dogs are attacked by coyotes?

Dogs smaller than 50 pounds are attacked by the coyotes. You can say that smaller dogs are more prone to attack than larger breed dogs. Smaller dog breeds such as Shih Tzu can prove easy prey for coyotes.

If you have a smaller breed of dog and you are living in an area that has a coyote population, you should remain alert and aware of the situation happening around you. Dogs are playful animals, they like to explore things around them so you should keep an eye on your dog in case any coyote finds an opportunity to attack.

Can coyotes kill your dog?

Yes, coyotes can kill your dog. As we have discussed earlier, coyotes can attack smaller breed dogs. They are afraid of large breed dogs and there are very few incidents where they have attacked large breed dogs.

They sneak and then attack, coyotes do not give your dog a chance to protect himself. They can easily survive with the human population although most wild animals do not. This is a major factor why pet dogs are being attacked by coyotes.

Can coyotes attack large dog breeds?

Coyotes usually do not attack large breed dogs, but there is a possibility. Incidents have been reported that coyotes attack large breed dogs. Large breed dogs can protect themselves, so coyotes are afraid of attacking large breed dogs. 

Large breed dogs which are more aggressive are less likely to be attacked by coyotes. Large breed dogs such as the great dane, rottweiler, and other aggressive breeds can knock down coyotes.

If a larger breed dog is injured or sick, coyotes find an opportunity and attack the dog. These incidents are reported around us but are not very common.

Can coyotes attack dogs around humans?

No, coyotes usually do not attack if you are around your dog. If you are taking your dog for a walk there is less chance that a coyote will attack your dog because coyotes are afraid of humans. If a coyote is hungry and your dog is small, he will find an opportunity to attack your dog.

How to protect your dog from coyote attack?

You can protect your dog from a coyote attack in the following ways:

Light up the yard

At night, you should light up your yard so that you can see what is going around. The coyotes attack in the dark so they are afraid of attacking in the light. This will keep the coyotes away from your yard so it is a good strategy to adopt.

Clean up the poop

Coyotes are scavengers. They feed on dead or waste material so you must clean up the poop. Coyotes are attracted to dog poop. If your garden has fruits, then you have to pick up the fallen fruits as oocytes are also attracted by the fruits. Make sure you close the lid of the garbage can as coyotes can also feed on them.


You can also fence your yard. The fence should be six feet tall and 18 inches deep. You can also install wire or something on the top of the fence which will stop the most athletic coyotes in the area.

You can also install coyotes rollers which are made up of aluminum. They will roll whenever the coyotes try to grab them.

Protection during a walk

You should protect your dog during a walk. It is better to use a leash so that the coyotes do not find an opportunity to attack. You can also use a whistle because the coyotes are afraid of loud noises. Whistle training is good for your dog.


In this pet blog, we answered our important question, “Do coyotes eat dogs?” We also talked about whether coyotes can kill dogs, what types of dogs are attacked by coyotes, and how to protect your dog from coyotes.


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