Do cats eat squirrels?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question, “Do cats eat squirrels?” We will also discuss if eating squirrels can harm your cat and how to stop your cat from eating squirrels.

Do cats eat squirrels?

Yes cats eat squirrels.  The majority of cats can and do hunt squirrels as well as other types of wildlife. They might capture them to play with them, but if they feel like it, they would definitely eat them. Squirrels are squirrels’ natural prey because cats are born predators.

Squirrels are typically classified as “dinner” by our feline companions because they are smaller than cats and typically don’t arouse their protective, maternal impulses. In general, cats seem to be more successful at catching voles, mice, and other smaller rodents than they are at catching squirrels.

Is it normal for a cat to eat a squirrel?

Yes, it is normal for a cat to eat a squirrel. Although cat owners often describe their pets as loving and gentle, cats are inherently predatory. Almost any animal smaller than a cat is consumed as food.

It is advised not to suppress a domestic cat’s innate hunting instincts because eating squirrels is completely normal for cats.

Will eating squirrel harm my cats?

Yes, Your cat’s health may suffer if it goes hunting for wild animals. When trapped, certain animals are highly aggressive and likely to fight back, which can cause wounds like scratches and bites. 

Diseases that your cat could contract from wild prey can be transmitted. Such animals might also eat poisoned bait or other harmful things. Prey that is sick or poisoned is simpler to catch and could be harmful to your pet’s health if consumed.

The issue of parasites is another. Flea, mites, ticks, and other external parasite infestations are common in wild animals like squirrels. In the event of a successful hunt, it’s very easy for internal parasites to be consumed by your cat. Many small rodents carry worms, which can present a major health problem.

There are a lot of reasons, in short, why allowing your cat to hunt rodents, birds, or other animals is a bad idea. Although cats kill a staggering number of animals and birds each year, it is also possible for your cat to be killed by the incorrect prey animal. 

Fleas and worms aren’t fun for anyone, even if it doesn’t come to that. If one of my cats happened to kill a squirrel, I wouldn’t go so far as to call the vet, but I would keep an eye on the fearsome hunter and make sure that nothing untoward happened.

Do house cats hunt squirrels?

Yes. House cats enjoy going on squirrel hunts for a variety of reasons, including amusement and food. They might not often hunt and consume squirrels, but when there is a chance for a good treat, they won’t pass it up. 

Since squirrels are tricky to locate and capture, your cat will undoubtedly go after one if it does. House cats pursue young squirrels because they are less nimble and adept hunters than wild cats. 

Adult squirrels are more agile and intelligent than the majority of domestic cats, and they can easily evade the cats.

How can I stop my cat from eating squirrels?

Keep your cat on the other side of the door if you want to stop her from murdering squirrels and other things that make her feel like a prey animal. None of the solutions I have observed to keep cats away from wildlife is as effective as just keeping your cat inside.

Some owners try to stop their cats from hunting by making them more noticeable to potential prey, frequently by placing the cats in brightly coloured collars with bells to alert potential prey. 

This may reduce the number of successful kills, but it won’t stop your cat from murdering entirely. Forcing your cat to wear a hair scrunchie around her neck is probably the worst suggestion I’ve ever seen.

It might make her more noticeable to potential prey, but a furious cat is much more likely to remove it right away. Even worse, a scrunchie is more likely to harm your pet than a traditional collar if it catches on a tree or a nail.

Some pet owners believe that banning their cats from hunting is cruel because they are concerned that the cat will suffer without this outlet. However, you shouldn’t worry too much on this front. 

Your cat will be just as content playing with you as she would chasing squirrels if you give her a rich, stimulating indoor environment. Additionally, your cat will be safer, healthier, and live a longer life.


We answered the question, “Do cats eat squirrels?” We also discussed if eating a squirrel can harm your cat and how to stop your cat from eating squirrels.