Do cats eat spiders?

This cat blog will answer the major question, “Do cats eat spiders?” we will also discuss the major reasons for cats attacking the spider, whether spider bites can kill cats, and what you can do to save your cat from venomous spiders in the house.

Do cats eat spiders?

Yes, cats do eat spiders. They eat spiders because of a number of reasons we will discuss in the article. The cats may be bitten in the process of killing and eating the spider. It would be great if you could devise ways to keep your cat safe from venomous spiders if you’re living near a forest.

What are the major reasons cats attack spiders?

Following are the major reasons for cats attacking spiders:

Natural Instinct

Cats are predators. They love to hunt small animals such as mice, rodents, and spiders. Cats attack them to fulfill the need that is present in them due to their ancestors. In the wild, all the animals are hunters. They hunt to eat. Likewise, when you domesticate a cat, it will not forget the basic thing about survival which is hunting.


The cats in the wild hunt spiders to eat. As we know that cats are obligate carnivorous animals, they love to eat small animals to get protein from them. It is also important for you to know about it as you have to give food to your cat. 

Cats do not need a balanced diet like dogs. Cats’ diet should have a big part of meat instead of vegetables or grains. Cats do eat rice, but it should be in a limited amount in the bowl of the cat. 


Cats are curious animals. They love to play with the laser pointer, balls, and sometimes with the small animals in the house. Like dogs, cats want to explore their environment and the things in it. 

First, when the cat sees a spider, it will come near it and sniff it to get an idea. Humans cannot sniff spiders but cats can. Then your cat will check it with the paw, and after that, your cat will try to lick it. In the process of licking your cat might eat it. 


Sometimes cats are caught by spiders in very abnormal situations such as peeing or eating. In such conditions, the cat will try to protect itself and the food it has. To protect themselves the cats will attack the spider and will kill it instantly.

The mother of the kittens will attack the spider if the suspicion arises that the spider will harm the kittens. Cats are very sensitive about their little ones.


Spider is also a source of the essential amino acid taurine which is usually very little in the diet of your cat.

Can a spider bite kill a cat?

Yes, a spider bite can kill a cat, but it is very rare. The skin of the cat is very thick and to pierce the skin of the cat for a spider is very difficult. If the venomous spider happens to pierce the skin somehow then it can kill the cat.

Following are the major clinical signs you should look for in your cat:

  • Increased breathing 
  • Increased heart rate
  • Restlessness
  • Itching 
  • Pawing at an area on the body
  • Decreased appetite
  • Pale mucous membrane
  • Fever

It is very important that you consider these signs if your cat happens to roam outside near the forest or on the terrace. 

The cats do have a habit of searching the cracks where there is a greater chance of any spiders in them. Household spiders are non-venomous and they are not deadly for your cat.

What can you do to keep your cat safe in the house?

If you are worried about your cats being bitten by venomous spiders, you can follow the below tips to keep the cat safe in the house:

  • Do not allow your cat to go outside, especially at night because most of the venomous spiders are out there at night.
  • You should apply pesticide spray in the cracks and crevices, which can kill the venomous spiders if they gain entry into the house and hide in the cracks.
  • You should also remove the spider webs in your home which is the actual home of spiders in the house.
  • You should give toys to your cat to play with so that your cat is not attracted to the spiders in the house.


In this cat blog, we answered the major question, “Do cats eat spiders?” we also covered the major reasons for cats attacking the spider, whether spider bites can kill cats, and what you can do to save your cat from venomous spiders in the house.