Do cats eat scorpions? 

Scorpions are arachnids of predatory nature, with venom, eight legs and a pair of grasping pincers, a segmented tail and always ending with a stinger. This article covers the concern “Do cats eat scorpions?”, how it’ll affect your cat, and the possible conditions if your cat eats scorpions.

Do cats eat scorpions?  

No, cats do not eat scorpions; being obligate carnivores, they like to prey and hunt down these scorpions of the arachnid category and even eat them as nutritional treats. But most of the time, cats are very picky, and they just hunt these scorpions for fun, and you will find corpses of the scorpions on your lawn.

However, scorpions have a stinger and a pair of grasping pincers which eject venom. Cats tackle these scorpions and beat them in this battle between them, but whether your cat eats it or not depends on the mood and nature of your cat.

There are no specific health concerns if your cat eats scorpions until it doesn’t get stung. Cats are not immune to scorpions’ venom; it may cause vomiting and painful conditions in your cat, so if you think your cat had an encounter with scorpions, consult your veterinarian about this situation. 

What happens if your cat eats a scorpion?

If your cat eats a scorpion without getting stung, it’s not the thing you should be worried about. Cats like to hunt and even eat them. Cats are very agile felines that can easily outperform the scorpion’s sting. 

Moreover, cats have thick fur, preventing them from being tiny stingers. However, hairless breeds don’t have this advantage. Sometimes, scorpions use their pincers to grab the skin and cause slight irritation to a cat. Cats get stung by these scorpions on their paws, nose and ears. 

Cat’s agility allows them to beat scorpions and kill them instantly; even housecats can outsmart them. Scorpions are nocturnal, and cats have better night vision than humans and dogs; that’s why you’ve seen your pet chase down a seemingly invisible bug in the dark.

Your cat’s night vision and agility are the main factors that give it an upper hand in the battle against the scorpions. At the same time, the body coat and fur protect your cat against the tiny stingers.

Your cat’s night vision and agility are the main factors that give it an upper hand in the battle against the scorpions. At the same time, the body coat and fur protect your cat against the tiny stingers.

What are the benefits of your cat eating scorpions?

Scorpions are arachnids with less flesh on their body, but cats do hunt and prey on them for some treats. Cats mostly get their nutrition from eating animal proteins, which scorpions don’t provide to that much extent. They like to hunt down these scorpions like it’s some sport for them.

However, a cat hunting a scorpion and saving a family member from being stung by these arachnids is no less than a hero, and it deserves some reward in the form of a treat. They perform some pest control, but professionals should control infestations. 

What are the possible complications if your cat eats a scorpion? 

Cats are victorious in most battles between them and scorpions, but some scorpions are very dangerous for felines if they get stung. The deadliest Arizona bark scorpion of North American origin poses the most significant risk for pets, especially cats. 

Pet parents should be diligent about not allowing their pets into an area where these bark scorpions are common. A string of bark scorpions can inflict many painful situations on your pet, along with:

  •  drooling
  • muscle tremors
  • paralysis (severe cases)

Most scorpions will not pose these dangerous health hazards to your cat, but if you notice your cat vomiting or acting lethargic, you need to talk to your vet about it. Common symptoms of a cat stung by scorpion sting include:

  • Limping 
  • Tremors
  • Head shaking 
  • Roving eye movement
  • Pawing, rubbing
  • Breathing problem 
  • Licking the site of the sting 
  • Dilated pupils
  • Swelling  

How many scorpions can your cat eat? 

Honestly, your cat can eat as many scorpions as it pleases. You don’t have to police your cat about how many scorpions it’ll eat because by the time you’re in bed, your cat is hunting and eating them. Just be glad your cat defends itself and lets them have the fruit of its labour.

Scorpions don’t have that much meat on their body, and what meat there is will be safe and healthy for your cat. Although scorpions are not found in great numbers in an area, your cat will feed on one or two scorpions in a while, so you don’t have to bother it until it gets stung. 


This article covered the concern “Do cats eat scorpions?” and how it’ll affect your cat and its possible complications. All this discussion led us to conclude that your cat can eat as many scorpions as possible. However, you should pay heed to the fact your cat doesn’t get stung by the scorpion. 


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