Do cats eat frogs?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question, “Do cats eat frogs?” We will also discuss what will happen if your cat licks a frog and what to do if your cat eats a frog.

Do cats eat frogs?

Yes. As disgusting as it may sound, cats will consume frogs if the chance arises. Frogs are yet another small animal that your cat has no issue hunting and devouring, joining the long list of other animals like mice, bunnies, and birds.

It’s just natural, so you can’t really blame your cat for being fascinated by a hopping frog or for hunting a mouse. Cats enjoy a good chase, and chasing a bouncing frog makes for a fascinating sport.

Unfortunately, there is a danger that if your cat eats a frog, it could get sick. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on your cat to prevent it from eating frogs. The act of a cat going outside to hunt, even if the prey is a little more “exotic” than usual, cannot be stopped.

Do cats like to attack frogs?

Yes, cats do attack frogs and enjoy doing so. It’s not like your cat has a grudge against the slimy creature; it just happens to cross its path when it is out hunting and comes across a frog rather than the “usual” bird or mouse.

Your cat could decide to avoid the frog if it is near water, but if it is hopping around in the grass in your yard, you can bet that it will relocate. 

When viewed from a cat’s perspective, frogs are actually rather similar to birds or mice. Although they are a completely different species, they are nonetheless little and move quickly.

If you know even the slightest little about cats, you can immediately see how an animal that meets these requirements can catch a cat’s attention. Not to mention that frogs make excellent “cat toys” due to all of their hopping.

What will happen if my cat licks a frog?

Fortunately, cats can lick frogs without risking their health. Despite how disgusting it is to you, your cat won’t be harmed or poisoned by licking a frog.

There is no need to be concerned if your cat quickly swipes a frog with its tongue because neither the cat nor the frog will be harmed. The slender on the frog’s back will be picked up by your feline companion, but that is all.

It’s not a pretty sight, but the good news is that even if the frog or toad was deadly, the danger is from eating a poisonous frog or toad, not from the skin on their backs.

Are frogs poisonous to cats?

Frogs that are usually found in your backyard are not poisonous. Therefore, if your cat accidentally eats a frog, it should be fine.

However, it is relatively simple to distinguish between hazardous and non-toxic frogs in tropical areas and the rainforest. For instance, poison dart frogs have vivid skin that ranges from vibrant yellows, blues, and reds with black or white spots or stripes. They can also be green, albeit a very vivid green.

Such frogs are typically only found in zoos outside of tropical areas. There’s a good chance the frog your pet eats is a common species and won’t be harmed by it.

Are toads poisonous to cats?

Yes, Toads may be poisonous to cats, although frogs are not. While unlikely, it is nonetheless a possibility. You probably picture frogs as having lengthy rear legs and skin that is moist and slippery. 

Toads are frequently mistaken for frogs because of their small legs and dry skin. It’s crucial to remember this to prevent confusion in identification. There are a few toxic toads in the United States and the United Kingdom:

  • Toad of the Colorado River (Bufo alvarius).
  • Cattle toad (Bufo marinus).

Toxic toads don’t have the same appearance as toxic frogs. They are primarily green or brown, which is comparable to common toads.

What should I do if my cat eats a frog?

You don’t need to take dramatic measures if your cat eats a frog and you are certain it is not a toad. Your cat will be fine.

Afterwards, it might vomit, but this is only due to the shift in food and not because the frog is dangerous. Frogs are difficult for cats’ digestive systems to handle. A Cat’s stomach will quickly reject these slippery animals since they are difficult for them to digest.

Give your feline friend plenty of water and a break from eating their regular diet to lower the likelihood of further vomiting.


We answered the question, “Do cats eat frogs?” We will also discuss what will happen if your cat licks a frog and what to do if your cat eats a frog.