Do birds eat wasps?

In this brief article, we will answer the question “do birds eat wasps?”. We will also the types of birds that eat wasps and address whether wasps are good for birds

Do birds eat wasps?

Yes, birds eat wasps. More than twenty-five varieties of birds eat wasps. Birds typically eat wasps by snatching them off of surfaces with quick movements. Some birds may also eat wasps that are caught in spider webs. 

Birds eat wasps by consuming the entire insect. The process begins when the bird seizes the wasp with its beak. The wasp is then crushed and the juices are extracted. The bird then swallows the wasp whole.

The bird’s digestive system is designed to break down the wasp’s exoskeleton and extract the nutrients from the insect’s body. The bird will then excrete the wasp’s exoskeleton and other indigestible parts.

How are birds specialized in eating wasps?

Each bird has its own unique way of hunting and eating wasps. This includes their beak adaptation and the wasps they hunt.

For example, blue jays will oftentimes fly at wasp nests and snatch the insects out of the air. Woodpeckers, on the other hand, will use their beaks to drill into wasp nests and eat the insects inside. 

Robins typically eat wasp larvae, while wrens will go after adult wasps. Birds that have longer beaks, like woodpeckers, are better able to reach into wasp nests and eat the insects inside. 

Birds with shorter beaks, like blue jays, typically only eat adult wasps that are flying around outside of the nest. Birds that eat wasp larvae, like robins, typically have longer beaks that they can use to reach down into the ground and find the larvae.

How do birds eat wasps without being stung?

One way that birds can eat wasps without being stung is by quickly puncturing the wasp’s abdomen with their beak. This action severs the wasp’s stinger from its body, rendering it harmless. The bird can then lap up the wasp’s innards with its tongue. 

Another way that birds can eat wasps is by holding the wasp in its beak and crushing it. This action also severs the wasp’s stinger from its body.

Are wasps good for birds?

Yes, Birds that eat wasps can receive a number of benefits. Wasps are a high-quality food source because they are rich in protein. Birds need protein to build and repair their bodies, and to produce the energy they need to fly. 

Birds get some of the amino acids they need from the food they eat, but they must also get others from insects, such as wasps.

Wasps are also a good source of fat, which provides energy. This is important for birds that are nesting, as they need lots of energy to care for their young. 

Wasps contain a number of vitamins and minerals that are essential for birds, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, and iron.

Which types of birds eat wasps?


The bluejay is a member of the crow family and is closely related to the crow and the raven. The bluejay is an omnivorous bird and will eat a variety of food items. One of the food items that the bluejay will eat is the wasp. 

The bluejay will eat the wasp by catching it in its beak and then swallowing it whole. The bluejay has a strong beak that is able to crush the wasp’s exoskeleton. 

Once the bluejay has swallowed the wasp, it will digest the wasp in its stomach. The wasp’s exoskeleton will provide the bluejay with calcium and other nutrients.


The sparrow will first identify the wasp by sight. Once the wasp is spotted, the sparrow will approach it cautiously. The sparrow will then use its beak to grab the wasp by the abdomen and pull it apart. The sparrow will then eat the wasp’s thorax and head.


Warblers are very small birds that prey on birds first, the warbler will find a wasp nest and observe the comings and goings of the wasps. 

Once the warbler has determined the pattern of the wasps, it will wait for a moment when the wasps are all inside the nest before quickly swooping in. The warbler will then stick its long beak inside the nest and start eating the wasp larvae.


In this brief article, we have answered the question “do birds eat wasps?”. We have also discussed the types of birds that eat wasps and explained how birds eat wasps without being stung.

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