Do bananas have seeds?

In this brief article we will answer the question,”Do bananas have seeds?” We will explain how commercial bananas are grown. We will also discuss if banana seeds and wild bananas are edible.

Do bananas have seeds?

Yes, bananas have seeds which are the little dots that you usually see at the center when you slice a banana. However the ‘seeds’ are usually immature meaning they cannot grow into a banana plant if planted. 

However, wild bananas exist and have a lot of seeds to a point that they are almost not edible at all. What happened is bananas have been genetically bred over the years and have since stopped being grown from the seeds.

Most of the bananas that are available nowadays are of the Cavendish variety which are commercial bananas that do not contain seeds. These bananas have been modified to have 3 sets of genes which are known as “triploid” instead of the 2 genes in order to have a seedless variety.

You may be wondering how commercial bananas are grown if they have no seeds. Well, read on to learn about that.

How are commercial bananas grown?

Banana trees typically reproduce through parts known as suckers or pups. The suckers are an offshoot coming from the roots of the banana tree although they may tend to appear as different small trees that grow next to the adult banana tree.

The pups are actually the same plant that is just attached at the roots level. Mature banana trees usually produce the suckers in order to increase the surface area at the ground level necessary to imbibe more light and water. They as well do so as part of their reproduction.

When the pups grow to be about 3 to 4 feet tall, they can be cut from the adult banana plant and planted on their own. The pups will continue growing until they become mature plants and can then produce their own banana fruits and after sometime they will also reproduce their own pups. 

This method of growing banana trees has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. First, it has the advantage of being faster than growing banana trees from seeds and it’s much more efficient than grafting.

The disadvantage is that because the pups are generally clones which come from the mature banana plant, this ends up lowering the overall genetic diversity of the banana population. The bananas are thus more vulnerable to various diseases as the species requires time to develop resistance.

Are banana seeds edible?

As earlier mentioned, banana seeds are only available in wild bananas which are very difficult to find unless you are in remote areas such as deep in the jungle or valleys.

However, if in any case you happen to find wild bananas you will be glad to know that the banana seeds whether ripe or unripe are safe to consume. The only problem is that wild bananas are almost inedible because they contain a lot of hard pea-sized seeds. It is very difficult to consume them with those sizes of seeds.

The wild banana seeds also take up a lot of the edible flesh of the banana and this makes it really difficult to consume sufficient amounts of the flesh or pulp.

Are wild bananas edible?

Yes, wild bananas are edible. You should also know that not all wild bananas have seeds,this depends on the variety of the wild banana and also the location where it has grown.

For instance, In Costa Rica  and Ecuador there is a very popular variety of wild bananas that are known as ‘baby bananas” or “Lady fingers” and they are the smallest variety of bananas.

They do not have seeds, they ripen very fast and  are very delicious even much sweeter than the typical bananas. They usually have a luminous yellow skin or sometimes slightly pink.

Once they are ripe you will notice some ripe and ready to be enjoyed, they develop some spots or freckles on the skin.

Bananas are very nutritious fruits with a tonne of health benefits. You can learn about their nutrition profile and health benefits of bananas by clicking here.


In this brief article we have answered the question,”Do bananas have seeds?” We have explained how commercial bananas are grown. We have also discussed if banana seeds and wild bananas are edible.


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