Did Jesus eat meat?

In this brief guide we will answer the question,”Did Jesus eat meat?” We will look at some evidence that suggested that Jesus did eat meat. We will also discuss what Jesus ate on a typical day. We finally briefly looked at what Jesus drank.

Did Jesus eat meat?

Yes, Jesus did consume meat, there are several passages in the Bible that point to this. Jesus was a Jew and Jews ate a wide range of meats except the ones that were considered unclean such as pork, shellfish and snake.

What evidence is there that Jesus ate meat?

One piece of clear evidence that points out that Jesus ate meat is that He religiously observed the annual feast of the Passover. During the Passover feast a lamb was sacrificed and roasted as an integral part of the law requirement (Exodus 12:8).

Jesus took part in the Passover feast on an annual basis ever since He was a child (Luke 2:41). Even when he became an adult He continued to observe the law. Jesus would have been disobedient if he did not consume the Passover meal where meat was part of the menu.

What would Jesus eat on a typical day?

Jesus ate lots of bread, bread was a staple food and was a common dish back in the first century Greco-Roman world. Bread would be eaten with some local fruits and veggies, oil and salt.

In the 1st century Galilee, bread would mostly be produced using wheat or barley flour. The people making it had to grind the grains using their hands and a tool that was known as a quern. 

To leaven the bread that they ate back in the days  the cooks would use dough that was leftover from previous batches of bread which had wild yeast growing on.This wild yeast would be used as a starter.

Various ingredients such as olive oil, salt and honey were included in the making of breads to add flavor and texture. Bread was usually baked in small and domed shaped clay ovens known as tabun ovens which resemble ovens that are nowadays widely used across the Middle East today.

Bread was also occasionally consumed by being dipped in some olive oil. Bread was served with some olives and legumes to make the meal more filling and improve satiety. During the 1st century in Galilee dates, cheese and honey were as well very common foods.

There is also Biblical evidence to show that Jesus ate fish regularly. When Jesus came back from the dead, the disciples gave him fish when he requested something to eat so that he could prove to them that He had indeed resurrected.

Fish was one of the foods when he fed 5,000 people in the miracle of the 5 loaves and 2 fish. In this miracle Jesus fed a multitude of people which were 5,000 men besides women and children as he multiplied the 2 fish and 5 loaves into multiple amounts.

Also several disciples of Jesus were fishermen and also Jesus would minister in locations that had a lot of fresh fish both for sale and catch. The Bible tells of several stories about Jesus and his disciples crossing the sea of Galilee in a boat. In these episodes, it is common that the disciples would have caught some fresh fish along the way for consumption.

Also as earlier mentioned Jesus was a Jew and He therefore observed the Jewish dietary laws which in the modern world are the Kosher laws. Ancient Israelites mostly ate lamb and goat meat. However, meat was mostly a special treat for Jesus and he mostly consumed legumes like lentils and beans and mostly on fish as the protein.

You can read more Bible passages that indicate that Jesus ate meat here.

What did Jesus drink?

The common drinks during Jesus’s times were wine and water. Most of the people at the time took them by mixing them together. The ancient Greeks and Romans used to dilute their wine with some water before taking it. The Jewish Talmund also indicates that the ancient Israelites did the same and it is possible that Jesus did take wine that was watered down.


In this brief guide we have answered the question,”Did Jesus eat meat?” We have looked at some evidence that suggested that Jesus did eat meat. We have also discussed what Jesus ate on a typical day. We finally briefly looked at what Jesus drank.


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