Can you put aluminium foil in the oven?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Can you put aluminium foil in the oven?”, will show you the right way to do so and how to avoid risks to health.

Can you put aluminium foil in the oven?

Yes, you can put aluminium foil in the oven.

What is the right way of using aluminium foil in the oven?

Aluminium foil should always be used in the oven with the shiny side facing the inside and in direct contact with the food. The matte portion should be facing outward.

The paper’s glossy side is the smoothest, making it the least likely to stick to food. It also retains heat more effectively.

Did you know that the different polishes used on aluminium foil were specifically designed to keep food from clinging to it?

Yes, and a lot of people still misuse it even then. So always keep in mind that the side of a roast that will be in contact with the meal is the brightest.

When is the matte side inside to be used?

Aluminium foil should be used differently depending on whether you want to keep food hot or cold; it should always be used with the matte side facing the food.

The good side is on the exterior in this case since it will reflect all heat, keeping the meal at the desired temperature whether it is cold or ambient.

Usually, this use is for sweets, frozen pies, or keeping food at room temperature. In these situations, keeping the dishes wrapped with the matte side out is preferable.

Is using aluminium foil harmful to your health?

Sometimes, yes. Let’s clarify this:

Aluminium foil, which is seen as an easy-to-use material and a fantastic facilitator for faster baking, controlling temperature, and even assisting the kitchen to be cleaner, is a crucial component of food preparation for many cooks.

Regarding this material’s negative impact on food contamination, there is considerable debate. According to some specialists, the health dangers associated with aluminium foil make its practicality unworthy. 

They assert that it is safe to package cold meals for storage in the refrigerator. This is a feature that can be utilised indefinitely without endangering health.

The topic of conversation shifts, though, when it’s put in the oven. This is because rising temperatures make aluminium particles more likely to contaminate food, which may lead to diseases.

Too much aluminium in the body weakens bone cells because it makes calcium absorption challenging. Other hypotheses contend that this chemical may accumulate in the brain and encourage conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

There is still no proof that the disease is caused by an overabundance of aluminium in the body, despite some scientists’ claims to the contrary. 

However, studies are still being conducted, and some neurologists believe that eating food tainted with heavy metals throughout one’s life may be a risk factor for neurological illnesses. 

The population currently consumes significant amounts of aluminium and other heavy metals in nearly everything, which is the source of this. They can be found in pharmaceuticals, cheeses, teas, moisturisers, deodorants, makeup, and other products.

Additionally, one of the chemical substances utilised to filter water is aluminium. Of course, given the extensive testing already done, all of this can be consumed without risk.

The World Health Organization states that a person can consume 1 mg of aluminium for every kilogramme of weight over a week without experiencing any negative health effects.

The main issue is that frequent use of aluminium foil in the kitchen can lead to the extrapolation of this limit, and that is precisely where the greatest health risk exists.

The International Journal Of Electrochemical Science assessed how harmful aluminium is in beef preparation to acquire a more realistic understanding of all this. They discovered that some spiciness and acidity in items can increase the toxicity of aluminium in food.

They consequently realised that once prepared, a single serving of beef may contain up to 8 times the weekly limit of aluminium for an individual.

It is not overstated for scientists to bring out the negative consequences of aluminium foil on health in light of these findings. At the moment, heavy metal contamination is a topic that health professionals frequently debate.

More so now that researchers have discovered that the brains of persons with Alzheimer’s disease contain significant levels of aluminium.


In this short article, we answered the question “Can you put aluminium foil in the oven?”, have shown you the right way to do so and how to avoid risks to health.