Can you grill frozen chicken?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “Can you grill frozen chicken?” and provide information on ways to defrost them, how to grill them as well as whether you can reheat them.

Can you grill frozen chicken?

Yes, you can grill frozen chicken. However, it can take time to thaw them. Cooking the chicken is not recommended when it is frozen. This is because it can take around 50 percent more time to cook them.

If you quickly thaw the chicken, the texture of the chicken is also likely to become rubbery because of the excess moisture present in them.

What are some ways to defrost the chicken?

Some ways to defrost the chicken are given below:

  • You can defrost the chicken in the fridge. Keep the chicken overnight for a day in the fridge. This can reduce the time required to cook the chicken.
  • You can also keep the chicken on the counter if you wish to defrost them. It can be kept for 4-6 hours on the counter.

Make sure to place the chicken wrapped in foil. You can add paper towels on top of the plate and keep the chicken on top of these paper towels. The paper towels would absorb any chicken juices. 

Do not allow the chicken pieces to come to room temperature as it is likely to quickly get spoilt. Make sure to spray an anti-bacterial spray to reduce the amount of bacterial growth in them.

  • You can also place the chicken in a water bath to quickly defrost them. For this purpose, you would need to place the chicken in a zip-top bag or secure wrapper. 

You can fill a large bowl with water. Wrap the chicken and place them inside the wrap. You can then immerse the chicken in this bowl. Make sure to change the water after half an hour.

The chicken might thaw in an hour or two. Do not use warm water to thaw the chicken. This is because warmth can attract bacteria to the chicken and result in spoilage.

  • Defrosting tray can also help in thawing the chicken. The metal trays can drain the cold without any batteries or electricity.

Go for trays that come with a container. The container would collect the chicken’s juices after it begins to thaw. The tray is large enough to hold multiple chicken pieces. As a result, you would not need to repeat the thawing process with other chicken pieces.

If the defrosting tray is good, the thawing process would be done within 30 minutes. As a result, you can invest in this tray for defrosting chicken quickly. 

  • Microwaving frozen chicken is another way to defrost them. You can place the grilled chicken in a small bowl. 

You can defrost the chicken for 1-2 minutes in the microwave. Make sure to rotate the chicken pieces in the microwave so the meat pieces can get heated evenly.

How to grill frozen chicken?

The texture of the frozen chicken can get affected if you do not thaw them. For instance, if it takes 15 minutes to grill the chicken, it can usually take 25 minutes to grill them if they are frozen. 

The internal temperature of the chicken should reach around 165 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that they have been cooked. 

If boneless breasts or tenderloins are being cooked, make sure to keep their thinner ends far from the flame. This will prevent them from being overcooked. Keep flipping the chicken pieces and cook them till it no longer appears pink in the center.

How can you reheat grilled frozen chicken?

You can reheat the grilled frozen chicken in an oven. For this purpose, preheat the oven to a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius. 

Place the frozen grilled chicken on a foil and reheat them till it reaches a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is important to not overcook the grilled chicken. This is because reheating the overcooked ones can make them drier.

You can try brining the chicken before you have grilled them. This will preserve its moisture. You can also reheat the frozen grilled chicken on a skillet. 

Add a bit of stock or water to the skillet and place some chicken pieces on them. Once the liquid becomes warm, add the grilled chicken pieces and keep flipping them till they become hot.

You can also place grilled chicken pieces in a microwave and cover them with a wrap. This can then be heated for a minute at a 50 percent power setting.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “Can you grill frozen chicken?” and provided information on ways to defrost them, how to grill them as well as whether you can reheat them.


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