Can you get sick from eating expired Doritos?

In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question “Can you get sick from eating expired Doritos?” and the information on storing Doritos properly.

Can you get sick from eating expired Doritos?

If the Doritos were stored properly, there should be no danger of becoming sick from eating them after they have expired.

Doritos are unfriendly to bacteria because they lack moisture, and bacteria cannot live on them as a result. Furthermore, the high salt content of Doritos adds to the long-term preservation of their flavor and nutritional value.

What are Doritos?

Doritos are a traditional chip that many people keep in their cabinets as a go-to snack. Even while you may only consume one bag each week, for some people, even a family-sized bag can take a long time to consume.

What is the origin of the term Doritos?

A man by the name of Archie West was responsible for coining the phrase “Doritos” in the first place. He opted to name the chips “oro” after the Spanish word for gold, which he chose since the chips were golden in color.

His next step was to merge the Spanish phrase with the company’s name, Fritos, and add a D to the beginning of the moniker. For more than 60 years, the snack has been known by the name Doritos, which has remained unchanged.

Do Doritos have a long shelf life?

Doritos have a long shelf life due to the low moisture level of its ingredients. Because Doritos contain less oil than other chips, they can be kept for far longer periods than other chips.

Doritos can hold their freshness for a few months if they are not opened before consumption. Once the bag has been opened, the contents can be kept fresh for up to a month at room temperature. After a few months, the quality of the vegetables may deteriorate, but they are still safe to consume.

Corn-based chips have a somewhat longer shelf life than potato-based chips, which is a plus. In addition to being cooked distinctly, the use of salt helps to keep bacteria and moisture out of your unsealed box.

If you leave a bag unopened for an extended time, it will not be harmful if it is properly sealed. However, with time, you may begin to notice a change in the texture and staleness of the food. Because food texture is a sensitive problem for many people, you may experience greater distress than others as a result of eating it.

Is It Possible to Tell if Doritos are expired?

When it comes to Doritos, you can’t rely on the expiration date on the package to inform you when to stop eating them. After they’ve been taken off the shelf, a variety of other factors contribute to the longevity of your Doritos, so don’t rely solely on the expiration date on the package.

There are a variety of other indicators that can tell you whether or not your chips are “bad,” as well. However, although the chances of this occurring are exceedingly low, there are several scenarios in which you should avoid taking the chance.

Even if you choose to consume stale chips, they will not cause any health problems. If you discover mildew or white patches on any of the chips, it is recommended that you throw the bag out immediately. Whenever something has an unpleasant aroma, tastes bad, or has a bad appearance, it’s a good indication that it should be removed from the environment.

What is the most effective method of storing Doritos?

The way you store Doritos can have a huge impact on how long they will keep in your pantry. Keep them cool, dry, and well-sealed to extend the shelf life of your products. This is especially important in humid environments since moisture will accelerate the deteriorating process.

Mold spores are more likely to be found in the bag on chips if the chips have been exposed to moisture during the manufacturing process. Keeping them in their original packaging after they’ve been opened is preferable; simply ensure that the bag or tube is well secured or rolled up before closing it.


In this short article, we provided an answer to the question “Can you get sick from eating expired Doritos?” and the information on storing Doritos properly.


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