Can you eat raw liver?

In this brief guide, we will address the query ‘can you eat raw liver?’. We will also talk about if there are any benefits of eating raw liver and what can happen if you eat it. We will further discuss how you can prepare liver and some recipes.

Can you eat raw liver?

Yes, you can eat raw liver, but you might not want to. That is because liver has a strong flavor and peculiar texture, and it’s hard for people to like it even when it’s cooked – imagine it raw.

In modern times, it is not very common to eat liver raw, but traditional cultures have done this for a long time. So why not try it yourself?

First, let’s take some facts into account. Livers are the greatest reservoir of vitamins in animals. A 100 mg portion of liver can deliver up to 520 percent of vitamin A you would need in a single day. It is also very rich in iron, copper and zinc.

A curious fact is, however, that high levels of vitamin A can be toxic to the body. So forget about eating lots of liver – raw or cooked.

If you think about it, you can eat almost every meat raw. But ‘could’ doesn’t mean you ‘should’. After all, raw liver, just as any other raw meat, can carry a number of microorganisms that would harm you, such as Salmonella and E. coli.

You will find that most health organizations advise you to avoid eating raw or insufficient-cooked meat.

Are there any benefits for eating raw liver?

The benefits are the great amount of vitamins and a very rich source of minerals. In consequence, raw liver can be food for building muscle, improving vision, fertility and energy.

Many people will also describe that eating raw liver has anti-fatigue properties, but there is no scientific evidence supporting this statement.

An alternative for still eating raw liver and trying to eliminate its contamination risks is freezing it. However, freezing is not enough to kill all bacteria. Even if you eat raw liver after having frozen it, you might still get food poisoning, vomiting and/or diarrhea.

Another important thing is: the liver’s origin also affects its taste and composition. Studies suggest that when calls are fed with conventional GMO grains and are treated with antibiotics, this affects the quality and safety of the liver (negatively).

What can happen if you eat raw liver?

With bad luck, you’ll get food poisoning, diarrhea or any other gastroenteric disease. As mentioned above, raw liver, as any other raw meat, has a high risk of carrying harmful bacteria. And if you are lucky, nothing bad will happen.

If you are willing to get the liver benefits, you can still cook it and put some nice seasonings in it. And if this is not enough, you may look for desiccated liver supplementation

Desiccated liver is nothing more than the liver itself, only dehydrated. When transformed into a little pill, you would take in all the good micronutrients from the raw liver, but without actually eating it. This supplementation is like any others, such as whey protein.

How can I prepare liver?

You can prepare liver in many ways like beef, meatballs, meatloaf, pâté and even mousse! A really valuable tip is to soak the liver in acidic juice (like lemon or orange), this will wash off the ‘iron’ taste that is so particular to this piece.

You have to pay attention to not overcooking it as well. We do want to get rid of harmful bacteria with temperature, but overcooking your liver can make it really hard to chew afterwards – and also can minimize the value of the vitamins and minerals in it!

Also, you don’t have to necessarily use cow liver. In fact, for a recipe of lamb’s liver and mash, you will need some potatoes, mash (of course), milk, butter, nutmeg, parsley, flour, sunflower oil, garlic and onions. You can check the full recipe on the link above!

Other recipes using liver are:

  • Liver and onions; 
  • Liver and bacon salté with potatoes and parsley;
  • Chicken livers on toast;

You can check for more recipes with livers – from cows, lambs, chickens, etc. – here!


In this brief guide, we addressed the query ‘can you eat raw liver?’. We also talked about if there are any benefits of eating raw liver and what can happen if you eat it. We then discussed how you can prepare liver and described some recipes.

We hope that this guide was useful to you! If you have any doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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