Can you eat orange peels?

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “Can you eat orange peel?” We will also discuss the ways orange peels can be used. Moreover, we will also talk about the health benefits of orange peels and whether orange peels whitens the teeth.

Can you eat orange peels?

Yes, you can eat orange peels. Orange peels are organic non-toxic parts of orange that can be consumed safely. They taste bitter and may cause allergy in some individuals but if you can eat them without any alteration they are perfectly safe to have. Nowadays you can also purchase dried organic orange peels through online shopping sites like Amazon. 

Orange peels are incredibly bitter but their health benefits are too attractive to ignore. However, orange peels should be consumed in a limited quantity because they may cause digestion problems if consumed in excess. Orange peels are rich in Vitamin C, fiber, and many more beneficial compounds.

How can we use orange peels?

Orange peels can be very nutritious so they can be consumed directly to boost health. Orange peels can also be utilized in many ways such as:

  • Preparing powder scrub: Powder scrub prepared from dried peels can be used on the skin to repair dead cells, and remove blackheads and acne.
  • Preparing serum: A mixture of powder scrub and aloe vera can be used as a serum for facial cleansing and to fight premature skin aging.
  • Preparing mosquito repellent: Orange peels can be used as a mosquito repellent. Orange peels can be rubbed on a body before working outdoor to protect from mosquitos.
  • Drinking tea: Dried orange peels can be used in tea to add flavor.
  • Managing dandruff: Fresh orange peels can be used with coconut/olive oil on the scalp to fight dandruff.


  • Air freshener: Orange peels can be used as an air freshener at home to remove the odor smell.

What are the health benefits of orange peels?

Some of the significant health benefits of orange peels are:

Improve heart health

Along with Vitamin C orange peels are rich in hesperidin which helps to maintain and lower blood cholesterol and pressure which helps to improve heart health. 

Improve lung health

Vitamin C present in orange peels helps to improve lung health and boost the immunity of the body which also helps to prevent lung infection.

Enhance digestion

Orange peels are high in fibers. Fibers help in regular and easy digestion by softening stools and reducing the probability of constipation   

Weight loss

Orange peels have almost negligible and very low calories. They don’t add additional calories to the body which helps you to maintain your body weight. Similarly, they increase the metabolism of the body and help to burn fat easily which is a great addition to weight loss.

Prevent cancer

Flavonoids and limonene contained in orange peels help to prevent cancer and its risk. Some of the research shows that orange peels also reduces the growth of cancer cell in the body. Its regular consumption can reduces the chance of skin and lung cancer.

Protect teeth 

Vitamin C has antibacterial properties which are also possessed in orange peels, these antibacterial properties in orange peels help to prevent dental problems and also help to whiten teeth.

Skin benefits 

Consumption of orange peels can help an individual with various skin problems such as blackheads, acne, dark circles, dead cells, pores, and dry skin.

Do orange peels whiten teeth?

Yes, orange peels whiten teeth. Chemical d-limonene which is used during the manufacture of toothpaste and other various teeth whiteners is available naturally in the orange peels. These chemicals are responsible for whitening teeth. 

D-limonene is effective for reducing the stains of teeth caused by nicotine which is a great benefit for people smoking and using another nicotine byproduct for clean and white teeth. 

However, it is difficult to obtain results for long-standing stains using orange pills. 

Orange is acidic and too much use of orange pills for cleaning teeth may also cause damage to the enamel of teeth which may result in the weakening of teeth. Orange peels only work among people not having long-lasting teeth stains. Find orange peel-based toothpaste here.


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “Can you eat orange peel?” We have also discussed the different ways orange peels can be used. Moreover, we have also talked about the health benefits of orange peels and whether orange peels whiten the teeth.


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