Can you eat ice cream after eating fish?

In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question “Can you eat ice cream after eating fish?” and the information on scientific & Ayurveda studies on milk and fish combination.

Can you eat ice cream after eating fish?

After a meal that includes fish, ice cream is a safe dessert to consume. Even though many people avoid eating ice cream after fish, doing so is acceptable. The preparation of baked fish in a cream sauce is a classic method of including both ice cream and fish in a single meal.

Facts derived from scientific investigation

This food combination should only be avoided if you are allergic to either one or both of the ingredients in the dish. There is no evidence to suggest that this combination is harmful to the body, and no studies have been conducted to demonstrate that it is.

When seen individually, each item’s nutrient value is high, which is why many cultures combine them to speed up healing, as shown in the table below. This food combination will only create rashes and other complications if the fish is undercooked, if the person is lactose intolerant, or if the person is allergic to fish or seafood. Scientific evidence lends support to this claim.

Facts derived from Ayurvedic principles

This combination is now better understood when considering Ayurveda’s strict prohibition on its consumption. According to this idea, fish is a non-vegetarian food, whereas milk, even though it is derived from an animal, is vegetarian food. The ayurvedic theory holds that the two diets are incompatible because they have opposite effects on the human body, which is consistent with the notion. Since milk has a cooling impact and fish has a heating effect, combining the two can result in a chemical imbalance in the body.

Several dietitians agree with the notion of Ayurveda regarding the cooling and heating effects of food and hence advise against this combination. This combination is prevalent in many cultures but should be avoided by anyone with a damaged immune system, as it can cause illness and death. This particular food combination has a considerable impact on the immune system of the body. Even while both foods contain a lot of protein, their nutritional profiles are so different that they require different digestive fluids to break them down. Unbalanced digestion can cause havoc in the digestive system, which can impact chemical reactions in the body and weaken your immunity.

Is it okay to drink milk after consuming fish?

The time interval between having milk and eating fish should be at least four hours long to avoid an allergic reaction. Because they are opposed to one another, foods such as fish and milk can have negative consequences on one’s health. Vomiting, diarrhea, stomach aches, and other symptoms are common.

Is it permissible to drink custard after consuming fish?

Because milk is cooling and fish is warming, milk is preferred over fish. Following the consumption of fish, dairy products such as milk and yogurt can cause serious digestive problems. In any event, it isn’t going to do you any harm at this point.

Is it okay for me to have cheesecake after eating fish?

No! fish and cheese are not typically served together because of their unique light, subtle, and strong flavors, as well as their ability to dominate the palate. Although Olive Garden would have you believe otherwise, Italians do not garnish a dish with Parmigiano, mozzarella, or any other type of cheese, even if it contains fish.

How does it affect our health if we eat fish and then drink water at the same time?

The stomach’s pH is diluted when water is consumed after a meal, altering its acidic nature and perhaps creating digesting problems. This suggests that we should refrain from eating for at least five to ten minutes after we have finished our meal.

Is it necessary to refrain from eating chocolate after a meal that includes fish?

Is it okay to have chocolate after having just eaten fish? Yes. You are free to eat whatever you want before, after, or even in conjunction with your meal if you like. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, you can dip fish sticks in chocolate fondue with no worries.

Is it acceptable to drink tea after consuming fish?

It is acceptable to drink tea or milk tea after a dinner of fish. The stomach is particularly acidic (and as a result, the protein in milk and fish may be denatured). However, there is no scientific justification for being afraid of the combination of fish and dairy products.


In this short article, we provided an answer to the question “Can you eat ice cream after eating fish?” and the information on scientific & Ayurveda studies on milk and fish combination.


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