Can you eat grapes while pregnant?

In this brief article, we will answer the question,”Can you eat grapes while pregnant?” We will explain if grapes are safe for the baby and the benefits of eating grapes during pregnancy. We will also discuss when to avoid grapes and some side effects of eating grapes when pregnant.

Can you eat grapes while pregnant?

Yes, you can eat grapes when pregnant but you are advised to do so in moderation. Grapes are safe when consumed in limited amounts because they are a natural source of essential minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients.

Overconsumption of grapes can harm your body. Grapes contain a lot of natural sugars such as fructose which when high in the body and not properly monitored can result in gestational diabetes.

Are grapes safe for the baby?

Yes, grapes are considered safe for the baby. However you should avoid taking resveratrol supplements. Resveratrol is an antioxidant which is naturally present in grapes and is safe and good for developing the baby in small amounts.

However, if in concentrated amounts such as the ones in supplements it can affect the baby’s liver development.

What are the benefits of eating grapes during pregnancy?

They contain antioxidants

Grapes are choking full with many antioxidants which are beneficial to you and the baby. Antioxidants assist in fighting free radicals and protect against oxidative damage and aging. They can also assist in boosting immunity and promoting healing.

Antioxidants can reduce the risk of getting pregnancy complications such as fetal growth restriction and  preeclampsia. They also reduce the risk of miscarriages.

They are a good source of Fiber

Dietary fiber is important as it assists in reducing the risk of developing pregnancy related diabetes and preeclampsia. It as well helps to prevent constipation which is a common symptom and problem when pregnant.

Constipation may be a big issue particularly if you take iron supplements. Grapes come high in fiber so they assist to soften stool and loosen bowel movements.

Grapes contain sufficient fiber and are a good option to incorporate into your diet so as to add up to your daily total fiber requirements.

They assist in Hydration

Grapes are also high in moisture and can increase your fluid intake. This enables pregnant women to make enough amniotic fluid so as to support the baby’s development. It is also important to be well hydrated so as to assist in digestion and prevent constipation.

Grapes contain 80 to 90 percent water so consuming them can assist you in getting sufficient fluids that you require.

They are high in vitamins and Nutrients

Grapes are a good source of essential vitamins and nutrients and can promote healthy pregnancy. It is therefore important that you consume foods that contain sufficient Vitamin C as it supports good development of the baby.

Grapes as well contain Vitamin A which are very essential for the good body formation of the baby and also eye development. Insufficient Vitamin A in pregnancies have been linked with higher rates of childhood deaths as a result of infections. Vitamin A deficiencies can as well lead to night-blindness in pregnant women.

When should you avoid grapes?

Even though grapes are nutritious there are some conditions that you should avoid grapes and they include the below:

  • People and in particular pregnant women that are allergic to grapes should steer clear of them at all costs.
  • Pregnant women that have gestational diabetes should also avoid eating grapes or consume limited amounts.
  • Women that suffer from ulcers or any other digestive tract issues should also stay away from grapes until they are cured of their conditions.
  • Women that have high blood sugar should as well avoid grapes at all costs.

What are some side-effects of eating grapes when pregnant?

Overconsumption of grapes can result in some side effects such as the below:

  • Weight gain
  • Blood sugar imbalance
  • GERD and Heartburn

What are some things to consider when eating grapes during pregnancy?

Let’s take a look at a few things to consider when consuming grapes on a regular basis:

  • You should be aware that grapes contain a lot of sugar and therefore overconsumption can result in high blood sugar levels.
  • Consuming grapes on an empty stomach can result in indigestion because of the acidic content in the grapes.
  • If you happen to suffer from GERD, you should stay away from grapes until your condition is better.


In this brief article, we have answered the question,”Can you eat grapes when pregnant?” We have explained if grapes are safe for the baby and the benefits of eating grapes during pregnancy. We have also discussed when to avoid grapes and some side effects of eating grapes when pregnant.


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