Can you eat giraffe meat?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “Can you eat giraffe meat?” We will also discuss whether it is safe to eat giraffe meat, the reason people eat giraffe meat, and where people eat giraffe meat.

Can you eat giraffe meat?

Yes, you can eat giraffe meat as long as it has been properly slaughtered, cooked, and is not obtained through any illegal means. 

Giraffe meat is actually very nutritious and flavorful meat absolutely safe for human consumption. The only problem with giraffe meat is it is very difficult to obtain since giraffe hunting is illegal in most places. Giraffe steaks taste the best when they are cooked in medium rare.

Is it safe to eat giraffe meat?

Yes, giraffe meat is considered safe for human consumption. Contrary to what people may think, giraffe meat is actually not bad for humans, instead it is extremely nutritious meat high in protein, B12, and other nutrients. 

This popular belief may have been because giraffe meat is unpopular meat which is not the usual meat you can find in the market. Most people have the habit of believing that anything unfamiliar is harmful to you. Although this may be true in some cases, not all unfamiliar things are bad or harmful.

The only problem with eating giraffes is that it is not so easily accessible.  Unlike other common meats like chicken, beef, or pork, it is very difficult to find giraffe meat in the market. This is because it is illegal to hunt giraffes in most places. 

Poaching is widespread in many African countries, and the meat is illegally sold. In such circumstances, giraffe meat should be avoided because it is illegal to purchase and no health procedures are followed.

Another reason why poached giraffe meat should be avoided is that you never know what kind of meat you are consuming. The hunters may slaughter a sick animal, harvest the meat incorrectly, and store the giraffe meat in an unsanitary manner. Eating such meat will make you sick so it is best to avoid such meat.

You will only be able to enjoy a safe and tasty meal if you purchase giraffe meat from legal suppliers or eat it in legal restaurants. Other than that, say no to giraffe meat.

Why do people eat giraffe meat?

Many people in Africa consume giraffe meat due to its inexpensive, tasty, and nutritious nature. The reason giraffe meat is popular among Africans is also that other types of meat are not easily accessible to them. 

Giraffe meat costs around $0.4 to $0.6 per pound which is a fairly reasonable price to pay in comparison to other meat like beef which can be four to five times more expensive than giraffe meat.

Giraffes also have a very unique and delicious flavor that is similar to sweet venison or extra tender horse. Although its natural sweet flavors may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is loved by most of the people here. Due to a lack of arable lands and poor farming techniques, the production of meat becomes very expensive in most African countries. 

As a result, Africa has a thriving bushmeat industry, in which hunters slaughter exotic animals and sell their meat to butchers and markets. Giraffe meat is one of the most popular bush meats. The delicious flavor and affordable nature of giraffe meat have contributed to the popularity of giraffe meat in Africa.

Where do people eat giraffe meat?

Giraffe is eaten in different African nations including Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Angola, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, among others. 

Giraffe meat is found to be mostly consumed in these countries, however, these are not the only places where giraffes are consumed. Giraffe meat is high in demand everywhere you go but due to its unavailability, people are not able to consume it. But they are eaten everywhere they are available. 

Poaching giraffes is illegal in many African countries. However, this does not prevent illegal hunting or the trade of illegal bushmeat. Farmers can still legally slaughter and sell their giraffes. The legal trade in giraffe meat is small in comparison to the illegal trade and finding a legal supplier to buy giraffe meat can be very challenging.


In this brief guide, we have answered the query, “Can you eat giraffe meat?” We have also discussed whether it is safe to eat giraffe meat, the reason people eat giraffe meat, and where people eat giraffe meat.


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